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How to Feed My Dog After Giving Birth {Complete Process along with Food}

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How to Feed My Dog After Giving Birth: Feeding your dog is always a topic of vital importance. Mainly During the pregnancy of your dog and after giving birth, special attention must be paid to its nutrition. Many dog owners don’t know that dog need a lot of nutrition after giving birth. So they end u without providing the best nutrition to their dogs.

It is fundamental because it will determine the amount of milk that it produces in order to feed and keep its puppies strong and healthy. The best way to raise puppies is to give their mother the best nutrition for them. Feeding the Puppies also need some special care.

How To Feed My Dog After Giving Birth
How To Feed My Dog After Giving Birth

So in this article, we tell you how to feed your dog after giving birth. It is very much important to know what they like and how much to feed after giving birth. Every dog owner must be aware of it and keep your bitch healthy. Keep Reading…

Tips to Keep in Mind to Feed Your Dog After Birth

Usually, when a bitch has just given birth she does not usually want to eat. It is very common that the first 12 hours after delivery dogs do not eat any type of food. It is a very common behavior that bitches do not separate from their puppies to eat in those first hours after birth.

what to expect after dog gives birth

What you should keep in mind as soon as your dog want to eat is to feed food that is very high in protein. This way it can regain the energy which it has lost during the birth time. So it is always recommended to give good food for dogs which have a lot of nutrition to balance the energy loss.

Water for Dog After Giving Birth

What your dog should not miss at any time after childbirth is water. You must have fresh and abundant water at your fingertips because your dog is nursing her puppies. That is an enormous effort and energy expenditure. The hydration needs of your dog are enormous, so you must have an abundant supply of clean and fresh water. Try to put a bowl close to it so your dog does not have to move much.

dog not eating after giving birth

It is also recommended the most frequent consumption of canned food that usually has high water content. At this time it is very important for your dog since that will help to continue producing enough milk for the puppies. After the first days, your dog will recover the appetite of your dog exponentially. While your dog is feeding her little ones she will need more food than ever.

Feed Only High Quality Food with Lot of Nutrition

You must feed your dog with high-quality food. Although it is an adult it is highly recommended to feed it with high-end feed for several weeks after birth because it will provide enough fat, protein, and calories for their puppies. This type of feeding will provide you with the necessary nutrients and you should pay attention to the quantities since you should not exceed the nutrition. You should feed your dog in small quantities but very often. You can even Help your bitch to take care of her puppies with these tips.

what to feed a dog after giving birth

During the first week after delivery, your dog should eat twice as much a day as usual. In the following week, she should eat twice as much as usual and in the third week up to 3 times more than usual. She thinks that the puppies will continue to grow at a very fast and frenetic pace. Apart from your usual food, you can feed your dog some yolk, cottage cheese and liver to provide the necessary proteins during breastfeeding. If your dog also the mother of a large litter it is highly recommended to give an extra supply with calcium carbonate. Even you can take care of Puppies by feeding them as well, but you should know how to feed puppies before.

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Increase the Feed After 3 Weeks

The reality is that during the three weeks after delivery the mother’s nutritional needs increase up to four times more than before she was pregnant. For each puppy that is breastfeeding it will increase their nutritional needs by 25%. You must pay attention to your dog condition if despite eating what your dog wants and lose weight is that your diet is not quality or does not contain enough calories.

We must choose the food with the highest energy intake and protein during the end of pregnancy and lactation. A bit of good advice to feed your dog and not lose weight is to add a high-fat supplement in your dog’s food. A good alternative supplement can be vegetable oil or lard. Even you can have a look at these tips to put your dog on weight easily.


Hence, You have learned the way to feed your dog after giving birth. You should keep some key points in mind to feed the bitch. You should observe him all the time to check whether it needs any feeding or not. We hope you like this article and willing to share the article with friends and families at social networking sites. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. We will reply to your question as soon as we see it. Stay to dogsfud for more awesome article.

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