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How to Make a Dog Lose Weight {Weight Loss for Dogs}

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How to Make a Dog Lose Weight: Bad eating habits and daily routines can make a normal understanding dog end up being a fat dog in a few months. With the corresponding dangers that excess weight poses for your dog’s health. So it is always better to feed in time and in proper quantity.

Incredible as it may seem more than thirty-five percent of dogs suffer from overweight. Being obesity in dogs one of the main causes of diseases such as osteoarthritis and circulatory problems. So better to allow your dog to its diet and never allow him to access other food which increases fat in him.

How To Make A Dog Lose Weight
How To Make A Dog Lose Weight

If our dog has gained more weight than it should, it is our responsibility to take care of it and make it return to its proper weight. So in this article, we are going to give you the necessary keys to achieve it. Keep Reading the complete article!!!

How to Know If My Dog is Fat?

There are many different breeds and sizes of dogs, so logically each dog has a different optimal weight. That is why some simple techniques have been developed that allow us to know if our dog is overweight or not. It is a very simple technique that consists of observing our dog from the side and from the top of it, appreciating what we consider the back or spine.

weight loss diet for dogs

When we look at a dog from above, it should mark perfectly a small curve that goes from the completion of the rib cage to the beginning of the hip. If our dog has no curve and looks straight, he is overweight.

Appreciating the dog from the side, we should feel the area of the ribs and check if the ribs are appreciated. If they are appreciated, it is possible that your dog needs to fatten a little more if they are not appreciated. It is a good sign as long as it is not difficult for us to feel them by hand. If with our hand and palpating the area of the ribs we can not appreciate them to the touch. It means that our dog has an excess of body fat.

How to Help My Dog Lose Weight

You must bear in mind that a dog does not lose weight in a single week. That it will be a hard process for him and for you because to help your dog to lose weight both of you will have to get to work on the problem.

It will be a process that lasts between three and nine months. In some cases even a little more time but by following these tips and being constant your dog will return to its weight and thus recover much of their health.

1. Make Your Dog Exercise Daily to Burn Fat

The excess weight of your dog is due to the accumulation of fat in your body and unfortunately. The fat is not going to go alone no matter how much we bother… We must start an exercise routine with our dog to help you burn the excess fat and thinning running.

We will start taking long walks with our dog every day without forcing him to run because a fat dog can even suffocate if he practices excessive exercise. The ideal is to start the first weeks with long walks in the morning and in the afternoon. Playing with our dog is also an excellent idea, throwing the ball will make your dog exercise going for it. Letting them play with other dogs is also considered a good exercise, as long as they run a little.

how to help your dog lose weight

From the fourth week, we can start to do a little more intense exercise. For example, we can go quietly riding a bicycle while our dog jogs with us. When jogging means a little faster than walking, but we should not make it run too much. One hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon, plus the normal walks to relieve yourself will be a good plan to exercise our fat dog forcing him to burn fat.

Keep this routine on a daily basis and remember that you should never do it after feeding your dog. Do not give it to eat right after exercising, because we could cause a gastric torsion. We must wait a prudent time, an hour before and two or three hours after meals.

2. Low Fat Diet and Carbohydrates

We should not make the mistake of thinking that by changing the feeding of our dog for a different one lose weight. Not so since there is no diet for obese dogs. The vast majority of dog foods that use the denomination “Light”, actually gain more weight.

This is due to the fact that “Light” feeds focus on reducing the percentage of proteins and a little fat, but maintain or even increase the percentage of carbohydrates considerably. And this is precisely what will make our dog far from losing weight, fattening.


Dog food manufacturers never put the percentage of carbohydrates in their products. Since they are not required by law to put them … but there is a very simple formula so that we can calculate them ourselves:

  • Add the percentage of Proteins + the percentage of Fat + the percentage of Fiber + the percentage of Ashes + the percentage of Moisture. If for example, the sum of everything gives you as a result 55%, then that feed has 45% carbohydrates.

That is, the difference between the total of the sums is the number of hydrates that contains in dog food. On the label of the bag or even on the web itself you can see the number of proteins, fats, fiber, ashes, and moisture of each product. So it is very Easily to calculate.

Check this below formula to calculate it easily

Carbohydrates in Dog Food = Total % – (Proteins % + Fats % + Fiber % + Ashes % +  Moisture %)

Choose a good feed for your dog now depends on you. Look for one that will help you to lose weight in dogs, have very few carbohydrates. If a feed has a lot of protein is not a problem, the problem is that it has few. Make sure that the level of fat is low but always adding to check the percentage of hydrates.

If you have time to prepare your dog’s diet for yourself, we recommend you research the BARF Diet for dogs. It is the healthiest and the most can help your dog to lose weight as a diet for overweight.

3. Eliminate Bad Eating Habits of Your Dog

A dog that is fat is a dog that has been badly used by its human. So it is our responsibility to practice good habits to help your dog lose excess body fat.

how to help dog lose weight

  • Do not give your dog food outside of his meal times, not even prizes. No more trinkets for dogs.
  • Do not give your dog homemade food. Do not give anything that you are eating.
  • Measure with a scale the daily ration of your dog and follow it to the letter (On the box manufacturer will indicate his recommended daily ration).
  • Exercise your dog daily, but do not overdo it.
  • After meals, take him for a quiet walk with your dog (never exercise).
  • Do not let your dog eat food scraps down the street (mainly bread).
  • There is no food that does not make your dog fat. So focus on your dog’s diet.

If you really want to help your dog lose weight and have a healthier and longer life. You should take all these recommendations very seriously.

It is very common to hear that “my dog is fat but does not eat much” when it is all day long pecking here and there …. do not disguise, know that it is true.

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Dangers of Overweight to the Health of a Dog

If you knew that an obese dog might live thirty percent less than a well-fed dog, what would you think? And if I told you that a fat dog suffers even forty percent more disease than a thin dog, what would you say?

Overweight dogs strain their joints a lot, which produces serious problems in the medium and long term such as osteoarthritis or even dysplasia. So not only spending a lot more money on veterinarians and medicines, but your dog’s quality of life will be seriously affected.

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Grapes

When a dog is overweight his circulatory system is also severely affected, his body finds it harder to move and even breathe. Which causes his heart to work harder to achieve the same. If that were not enough, the excess of saturated fats will make your dog circulation slower. The sense of sight and even many vital organs like the kidneys will be severely affected by excess fat.

In summary, being overweight will not help our dog at all. Let’s not pity and not give food if your dog put emotional eyes, because what really matters is your dog’s health.


Hence, You have learned how to make a dog lose weight using the above process. So you are now confident enough to start doing the same on your dog without any issues. We Hope you like the article If you liked the article and it has been useful, help us by your “Like” or Share it on social networks sites 🙂 Feel free to contact us if you have any issues or problems. Stay tuned to Dogsfud for more articles.

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