How to Tell Your Cat is Happy? Top 6 Signs of a Happy Cat

How to tell your cat is happy? This is one question that even experienced pet owners can’t answer. After all, our feline friends are very fussy.

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For example, their purrs can signal a variety of things. They may purr when they are happy. They can also do it when they are sick or injured.

Top 6 Signs Of A Happy Cat

So how would you know that your cat is happy? I have listed the top 5 signs of a happy cat.

You don’t need any special tools for this. However, you should be very observant so that you can determine if your cat is really happy or not.

1. Vocalization

Cats are very vocal when they are happy. Our feline friends are too excited to tell their owners about what they’re feeling that they will likely meow for a long period.

Purring, in particular, has been associated with contentment. The Humane Society of the United States says that cats purr whenever they are happy. They can even purr while eating, suggesting that they like the food they are chomping.

Meowing is more vague as far as determining whether the cat is happy is concerned. Cats meow for different reason. They use it as a greeting, a command, or even an objection. They even meow when they see a mouse running around.

The pitch of the meow will also suggest as to how a cat is feeling. Most of the time, high pitched meows mean that the cat is happy. A low-pitched meow, however, could indicate that the cat is anxious.

2. Kneading

This is another common behavior of cats is kneading, wherein she pushes in and out her paws. You may have different name for it. I like to call it ‘playing the piano.’ But you would be surprised that this act is a sign of a blissful cat.

Kneading is an act that is said to go back to the time when cats were little ones. Kittens would usually rub down the area around their mother’s teat in a bid to increase the flow of milk.

Moreover, don’t you notice that cats suckle on the ground when they’re kneading?

Scientists believe that happy cats knead because felines associate the act with the comforts of nursing.

3. Tail Signals

The movement of a cat’s tail will also tell you about the mood of your feline.

You would know that your cat is happy or content when the tail is upright. If you see your cat rattle her tail, then it means that she is happy to see you.

In case you are doing something and you suddenly noticed that your pal has her tail curved, then I suggest you take a break and attend to your cat.

Her curved tail suggests that she wants to play with you. She is in a playful mood and you wouldn’t want to let her down, right?

Lastly, you should also reciprocate the affection your cat shows you when she wraps her tail around your leg. A tail-wrap is a way for your cat to express her appreciation.

4. Ear Signals

The position of the ears will also give you signs that your cat is content and happy. A cat who’s happy and playful usually has her ears slightly pointed forward.

Let’s say you are giving a command to her. You can tell if she’s alert and ready to obey you if her ears are standing straight up.

5. Head butting

You may think that your cat is disgruntled when she rubs her head against you. But don’t worry as this can mean that she’s happy and in a playful mood.

According to Dr. Jill Sackman, a veterinarian, cats rub their heads as a way to maintain a connection with their human masters.

Head butting also allows cats to mark people with their scent. It’s a show of affiliation on the part of the feline.

In fact, a cat who rubs her head against the legs of a visitor is being amiable. It is her simple way of saying “hi!” to the person.

6. Eye movement

Lastly, your cat’s eye movement can also be a strong indicator of her mood.

Wide open eyes indicate that your cat is mentally alert. She could be ready to play with you.

When you notice her eyes blinking, it means that she is relaxed. It also suggests that she is comfortable with you.


A cat’s vocalization as well as her body language tells a lot about her present state of mind. It’s really up to you to discern these clues.

Maybe when you try some tips to keep your cat happy indoor, it’s quite difficult to recognise that these tips work. But after reading this article, I am sure it would be a lot easier for you to tell whether your cat is happy or not.

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