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Samoyed Price – How Much You’ll Spend

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With a smile that will sweep you off your feet and a coat that is as soft and fluffy as a teddy bear, the Samoyed is the perfect dog for families who want an active, energetic and child-friendly companion.

If you’ve already fallen in love with the breed and dedicated quite a bit of time and research to learning about it, the next step is to bring one of the fluffy fur balls home with you. So, how much is it going to cost you?

The average Samoyed price range is…. $600-$2000

You are probably wondering where we got these numbers from, and that is what we would like to explain to you next. Many factors contribute to the price of a dog, and for this specific breed, we’ll go over them with you!

How Average Samoyed Price Is Calculated

The Samoyed price is calculated in a variety of ways.

  • Age – On average, if you keep an eye out on websites like puppyfind.com, you will see that the asking price for Samoyed puppies varies greatly.

We have seen quite a few in the $1,200-$1,700 price range, and even a few pups that exceed $2,000, but this is rare.

In general, it is safe to say that younger puppies have a higher price tag and older puppies cost less. Think about it from the perspective of the breeder: your dog has a litter of eight puppies and you sell four of them easily. It’s winter, however, and not many people are buying.

That means the puppies stay with you until they find a home, and those costs add up quickly.

You decide that to make the puppy sale more enticing that you should lower the price. The puppies are four months old now, and you can’t afford to keep them with you for much longer (otherwise, you’ll break even when you do sell them).

  • Adult Sammies – (as they are often called) have a greatly reduced price tag, so we don’t see you paying more than $1000 for one even if it does have a pedigree.
  • Gender – Females are often more expensive than males are just for the pure fact that they are capable of reproducing, and this is true for most dogs, regardless of the breed.

This rule isn’t set in stone, however, since the price of a puppy depends on the pedigree and bloodlines of the parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, etc.

  • Pedigree – The pedigree also plays an important role in the cost calculation. Dogs with a pedigree have a higher price tag than dogs that do not have one. It is a cost in itself to apply for a pedigree (we looked on the AKC website, and you can order one online for a starting price of just $15 per dog for a complete four generation pedigree). That can add up for a breeder if there are quite a few puppies in a litter, and from there, they will also adjust their asking price based on the success of the parents and grandparents in the show ring. The more awards and titles they have, the more you’ll pay for the puppy.

Dogs without a pedigree cost much less, but we would be careful about Sammies without one since there is a higher risk that it came from a puppy mill.

Do your research on the person selling the dog before making any commitments or spending your money.

If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Gouged Pricing

On Outside Magazine’s list of the 10 most expensive dogs, any guesses as to which dog breed was the most expensive?

That’s right: the Samoyed, at an estimated cost of $4,000-$11,000.


What is even more shocking is that they weren’t the only ones to think this.

Alux.com also listed the Samoyed as the number one most expensive dog breed in the world in this video (fast forward to 1:55 to see), where they listed the average Samoyed price at $4,000-$10,000.

Relax and remove your jaw from the floor; these prices are rare and only from breeders who breed Samoyed royalty and sell to people who are willing to pay that price.

The rest of you can expect the more realistic $600-$2000 we estimated earlier.

What About Rescuing or Adopting a Samoyed?

A wonderful alternative to spending thousands of dollars on a puppy would be to rescue a Sammie.

There may be some costs involved, and as this Samoyed Rescue Group suggests, that could be anywhere from $150 to $400. It really depends, though, on where the dog is located (there might be travel fees involved), and if you are expected to pay for spaying or to neuter the dog once you bring it home.

Breeders who want to retire dogs from breeding or the show ring might even place their dogs with the right home at little to no cost.

If you’re interested in an adult Samoyed, you might consider creating a good relationship with a breeder and let them know you would eventually like to be considered as a home for any of their retirees. Breeders who are truly passionate about their dogs want to ensure that they go to a loving home that understands this particular breed; so naturally, a relationship needs to be created before they can consider you.

It’s an idea for those of you who might be interested!

For More on This Breed…

If you would like to learn more about this breed, we suggest you check out the following sources:

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