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Should You Give CBD to Pets

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​Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound that is found in cannabis. Specifically, the Cannabis Sativa plant or most commonly known as marijuana. Now, I know what you are thinking – Are seriously going to give your pet marijuana?! Don’t fret as CBD is perfectly safe as it does not have the psychoactive effects of marijuana. What CBD does provide is a safe way to help relieve anxiety and stress.

CBD has pretty much infiltrated almost every facet of the holistic market. You can easily find CBD capsules, CBD ointments, CBD oil, and even CBD gummies being sold in the market nowadays. The big question here is if CBD oil’s growing popularity well-earned or if it is merely all a fad that will slowly fade away in a couple of years. From what we have gathered, there is something in CBD-based products to check out in regards to anxiety and stress relief.

The question we now need to answer is if CBD is perfectly safe for our beloved pets. Let’s go through all the essential details and find out.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects to Using CBD?

Let us get the most obvious question out of the way: Can CBD make you high? The answer is a resounding: No. While this compound is derived from cannabis, it barely contains any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychoactive compound that delivers that “high” when using marijuana.

Of course, since CBD-based products are not FDA regulated, it is best to make sure that the product you are buying contains 0.3% or less THC to ensure safety.

With only 0.3% THC content, CBD-based products will not deliver any feeling of sedation when taken. It also won’t cause any of the typical side effects of using marijuana as it barely contains any psychoactive compound. Make sure only to buy tested and trusted CBD products to ensure your pet’s safety and yours.

Effects of CBD in the Body

CBD, when taken, primarily interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is present in all mammals and is one of the critical aspects that manage our sleep, immune system, and memory. The ECS is made up of two cannabinoid receptors, simply called the CB1 and CB2.

Both receptors are designed to interact whenever the brain releases endocannabinoids. Once CB1 and CB2 detect any EC in the system, it will react by releasing relaxant into the body. The thing is, while the CB receptors are designed to respond to endocannabinoid primarily, experts have also learned they will react similarly when introduced to cannabinoids taken from the plant, such as CBD.

Another advantageous use of CBD is that it pretty much reacts the same way when taken by humans and animals such as dogs, cats, etc. The reason for the nigh similar effects is that, as we have stated earlier, all mammals have an ECS that functions the same way no matter it is from a human or from a canine.

Another benefit here is that most of the conditions that CBD can provide relief with all manifest the same way in almost all mammals. Conditions such as arthritis and anxiety work the same way in both humans and animals. Because of this, CBD has transitioned into pet care as well, thanks to its ability to help alleviate anxiety and provide relief from symptoms of arthritis.

Benefits of CBD to Pets

There are several benefits in giving your pet (dog or cat) CBD when the need arises. Below are some of the conditions that CBD will help provide much-needed relief and comfort:

CBD Reduces Anxiety and Stress

One of the primary uses of CBD centers on assisting with anxiety and stress due to its relaxing properties. Anxiety can plague both humans and animals alike. Fortunately, CBD can deliver similar effects to both man and pet. Of course, this is but a reprieve, and a more permanent solution must be implemented.

When it comes to stress or anxiety in our pets, several factors may be the root cause of the problem. From loud noises to specific objects, more often than not, there is an exterior trigger that causes our pet to fall into duress. There are also several natural remedies that you can apply alongside CBD to help speed up recovery.

CBD Helps Provide Pain Relief

CBD not only helps in keeping our beloved four-legged best friends relaxed, but it can also help give them comfort from pain. Joint pain caused by arthritis can be downright debilitating at times. CBD is known to have painkilling properties which can help you manage the pain until it completely subsides. Speaking of joint pain, that condition is caused by inflammation which is also another condition that CBD can remedy.

CBD Has Anti-Inflammation Properties

CBD’s anti-inflammation effects will help provide relief if your pet is suffering not only from arthritis but also from irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions that are attributed to chronic inflammation. The weakened immune system can also cause inflammation in certain parts of the body. Coincidentally, CBD is also known to help promote a healthy immune system.

Essential Things to Consider When Giving CBD to Your Pet

CBD is perfectly safe for your pet, so long as you follow the instructions or as instructed by a veterinarian. Please understand that CBD is not a cure-all product. Think of its as a supplement that can help your pet through recovery. For anxiety issues, it is best to weed out the trigger and eliminate it from the equation. As for conditions such as arthritis, CBD combined with other supplements, and proper diet will help old Fido reduce the symptoms considerably.


Overall, we do recommend you check out CBD-based pet care products if your pet is going through any of the health conditions that we touched upon above. CBD can drastically accelerate the recovery period for your pet.

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