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The Benefits of Children Growing Up With Pets

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My Sister and I were very lucky growing up as we grew up with a beautiful Norwegian Buhund called Helga and a white cat called errr Cat ha-ha ha. Apparently my Mum wanted to call the Cat Ajax, as she was so pure white, but my Dad said there was no way he was going to stand at the door shouting “Ajax” when he wanted her to come in. !!!!!

The benefits of growing up with a pet
Yours truly, my Mum and Sister with Helga around 1976 ish !!!

Anyway, we both became pet lovers, and to this day, we have had dogs and various other pets along the way. The relationship between pets and children is extremely special and it is believed it has many benefits for a child s development. There have been studies that have shown that children brought up with pets have higher self-esteem, improved social skills and are more popular with their peers. Also, the children tend to have better nurturing skills, a more caring attitude and improved empathy.

Health Benefits

Having a pet in the house, has been shown to improve family harmony, as having a pet usually means the family spend more time interacting. It is well proven that breaks in study are ideal to help take in information. Great news for children who are stuck in their bedrooms doing their homework. Quick 45 minutes study and then take the dog out. Perfect.

Owning a dog is certainly beneficial to your health as pet owners tend to have a decreased risk of heart disease, fewer minor illnesses and overall fewer visits to the doctor. All great signs when you are growing up.


Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. However, knowing it is good for you, and actually doing it, are two completely different thought processes. If you own a dog then you are far more likely to conduct exercise as you know your dog has to go out. It’s a win win situation. Your dog gets its exercise and so do you.

The Benefits of Children Growing Up With Pets


A study by a Nutrition company found that pregnant women who owned a dog were 50% more likely to achieve the 30 minutes of recommended exercise per day. Dog walking forms an effective part of the strategy for weight management during pregnancy. So, not only is it great for kids but also awesome during pregnancy.


is quite obvious that owning a dog is a great way for family connectivity and for health benefits. Children learn to interact and take responsibility for the health and well-being of the dog. That has got to improve future life skills. One thing to remember for parents, make sure you teach your children initially how to behave around dogs so they can have a safe and enjoyable relationship.

You will be smiling so much when you watch this !!!!!


I hope you have enjoyed this article and the video I have added.

Please also see the good reading for children from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

Feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts about this article or anything else you want to say.

All the Best for now.


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