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Things You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog (Vegetables You Shouldn’t Feed)

What Things You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog in Vegetables?  Vegetables are a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals essential to the health of our body. The same goes for our dogs and providing them with a reduced amount of vegetables from time to time brings them multiple benefits, among which the regulation of intestinal transit, their antioxidant properties and a large amount of energy.

But did you know that not all vegetables are good for them? There is a series of vegetables that the dog’s body does not digest properly and can, therefore, have serious consequences on the animal. Keep reading this article from toutcomment.com and find out which vegetables should not be eaten by dogs.

Things You Shouldnt Feed Your Dog

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This Are The Things You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog:


OnionsOnions in large quantities can be highly toxic to dogs because of the amount of disulfide they contain. This substance is harmful to the red blood cells of your dog’s blood, to the point of causing anemia and respiratory problems. According to veterinarians, a quantity that does not exceed 5 g per kilo weighs your dog should not cause him any damage. Nevertheless, since each animal is different, we advise giving your dog no variety of onion.




GarlicGarlic has the same problem as onions since they contain the same toxic substances for dogs. You’ve probably noticed that in the composition of some animal feeds, there are ingredients that dogs should not consume. This is explained by the clarification given previously: in small quantities, they are not necessarily harmful to them. So take a look at the list of ingredients in your dog’s food and, if you find garlic, do not give it anymore because the minimum quantity accepted will already be open.



RhubarbIn the list of vegetables your dog should not eat is rhubarb, a plant native to northwestern Europe. Although it is an unusual plant, it is important to emphasize its effects on dogs, because its high content of oxalic acid seriously harms the nervous system, even causing heart arrhythmia, tremors or convulsions.




Oxalic acid:

Oxalic acidThe oxalic acid produces salts called oxalates. Of all oxalates, the most toxic because of its low solubility in water is calcium oxalate, which occurs by contact with calcium ions. These oxalates are not only present in rhubarb, they are part of the composition of most plants. For dogs, vegetables that contain a high percentage of these salts are toxic. Such as the one previously mentioned and beet. It is therefore not recommended to feed our dog with the leaves of this plant and the fruit, even when cooked.


Raw Potato:

Raw PotatoFinally, although it is not a plant but a vegetable, it should be noted that the raw potato as a food that dogs should not eat. Give our dog this raw food can result highly toxic because of the number of alkaloids and acid it contains. Which mainly cause stomach upset. However, cooked and in small quantities, the potatoes are not necessarily harmful to them. In any case, it is always advisable to consult the veterinarian before giving him any food.



These are the Things You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog. The toxicity of plants in dogs is due to the amount we give them, with the exception of rhubarb and beet. These are the vegetables that dogs should not eat. But if you are interested in those they can eat, do not miss our article on vegetables that dogs can eat. The same goes for fruits: they are not all good for them. Want to know the toxic fruits of your pet? Do not miss the article on fruits that dogs should not eat and discover them.


Finally, These are the vegetables you Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog article is purely informative. While COMPLEMENT does not have the ability to prescribe veterinary treatment or perform diagnostics. We invite you to bring your pet to the veterinarian if he shows genes or discomfort. If you want to read more articles like Vegetables that dogs should not eat, we recommend our category Pets.

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