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Eight Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

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Who doesn’t love their pets? Pets are one of our best friends that can bring happiness into our lives. Especially when it comes to dogs, there is no bound of joy at our homes. After all, dogs are man’s best friend.

Every dog owner wants his cute little puppy to live longer. They always pray for the wellbeing of their best friend, so that they can spend a longer time with them. But, dogs eventually fall victim to various health diseases at times, which can lead to severe issues that are very difficult to cope with.

This puts the dog owner through a hard time as his pooch struggles to recover. To avoid such situations, every dog owner has to follow some tips so that their dogs do not fall victim to such consequences.

1. A Healthy Diet

To make sure that your dog has a healthy skin, a shiny hair coat, and bright eyes, you have to feed him with a healthy eating regimen. Along with these benefits, a quality diet will help your buddy to have a stronger immune system.

It also helps to keep up with his intestinal health. When the dog owners don’t provide a healthy diet to their dogs, their dogs fall victim to poor bone health, weak immune system, inflammation, and many more life-threatening diseases. Therefore, a healthy is a must for a dog as it lengthens the lifespan. Without an enhanced eating regimen, no dog owner can make sure that his dog is fit and well.

2. A Lean Fitness

Most of the health issues take place due to the overweight that dogs put on. Obesity can shorten your dog’s life. Being overweight is never good for a dog’s overall health as it causes heart diseases, joint diseases, and many other diseases that are never good. Exercises with a healthy diet will help your dog to stay lean over the long haul.

3. A Regular Checkup

A regular meetup with the veterinarian is a must for you if you want to keep your dog up with a healthy lifestyle. There are many hidden health issues that a pet may have, which only a vet can understand. A vet examines your pet and prescribes necessary supplements if needed, to keep your dog safe and sound from potential diseases beforehand.

There are some supplements that you may not find in your local dispensary. Such rare supplements often can be found at Ruff Hero; an online dog health site loaded with helpful articles.

4. Cleanliness in The Mouth

Oral health issues are one of the significant problems that dogs face most of the time. Because of poor dental health, it becomes difficult for them to eat. As a result, they can’t eat healthily as they suffer from pain in their mouth.

Oral issues can also lead to kidney or heart diseases. Many people often overlook to keep the mouth of their dogs clean. They don’t know that it can be a minor issue but it can lead the dog to various severe issues. Hence, keeping the mouth clean is a must for the dog owner.

5. Supervise Your Dog

You should not allow your dog to roam here and there freely without any supervision. Most of the dangers and accidents take place because dogs, like kids, have no sense of danger. As a result, they fall victim to accidents.

To avoid such sudden accidents, you have to keep an eye on your pet at all times, especially when he is roaming around. Irresponsibility will cost the life of your beloved puppy. As you adopted the dog, you have got some responsibilities to take care of it. Treat him or her like a child as you are the only guardian.

6.Supply Fresh Water

For the wellbeing of your dog’s health, nothing can be more beneficial than clean and fresh water. It is the most important and cheapest nutrient. Provide a short bowl to your dog so that he can drink water from the bowl very quickly and efficiently.

While shopping for a water bowl for your dog, make sure that you get a stainless-steel bowl that is not breakable, wide and flat on the bottom. Do not disturb the dog while he is drinking and consider changing the water frequently.

7. Regular Exercise

Without performing regular exercise, you cannot make sure of a healthy lifestyle for your dog. Walking and running should be performed every day. A leash and a few minutes from clock is all that it needs for regular exercises. Do not go very fast with a senior dog as they can get tired very quickly.

But, if your dog is young enough, you can go really fast with him. As you do regular exercises with your dog, you will be able to diminish obesity from your dog’s health. It also helps to keep the muscles strong and reduce the joint diseases at the same time. To keep your dog fit and healthy, regular exercises are a must.

8. Play Regularly

Dogs are a social animal. They love playing with their owners. Playing regularly with your dog will help you to keep him healthy and happy. They are never meant to be kept alone in the home. They love to have companions, just like humans.

They loved to be treated as one of the family members. Play with him when his joy knows no bounds when you return home. Lay with him when you are having time at the playground. Play with him when you are having a leisure period. This will keep both your and your dog’s mind fresh throughout the day.

Not only dogs but also any pet can be kept safe and sound by taking some necessary measures. Being careful is very important for every dog owner as dogs are always prone to potential dangers, accidents, and diseases. Therefore, to make sure that you keep up your dog with a healthy life, keep these five things mentioned above in your mind all the time.

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