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Tracheal Collapse in Dogs with Symptoms and Treatment

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Tracheal collapse in Dogs along with the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment. Just follow the complete article and know how to cure it. As we all love dogs more and we won’t stay freely without solving their issues.

Your dog is your best friend wants to accompany you. wherever you go and they give you love and fun. So your life will never be the same after adopting one dog. For that reason, we know that the most important thing is not only to give you all the care, love and nutrition you need. But also dogs health should also be a priority for you. We from Dogs Fud will help you with our great tutorials.

 Tracheal Collapse in Dogs
Tracheal Collapse in Dogs

The dog is an animal resistant to most diseases. But at some point, it can suffer some disease. So you must be aware of the signs. That’s why we want to talk about a tracheal collapse in dogs, symptoms, and treatment. So you can detect this condition in time.

What is a Tracheal Collapse?

It is a condition of congenital origin that often suffer small breed dogs. Especially the poodle, Yorkshire terrier, chihuahua, Pomerania, Maltese bichon and Pekingese, among others.

It consists of a deformation of the trachea. The organ that connects the upper part of the respiratory system with the lower one and whose obstruction prevents enough air from circulating. The trachea is composed of cartilage that deforms. Which causes the space through which the air passes to narrow, causing a tracheal collapse.

dog tracheal collapse home treatment

The disease is progressive and degenerative. So the treatments, although significantly improve the quality of life of the dog is not able to cure it. Usually diagnosed between 6 and 7 years of the dog and when it manifests before 12 months indicates a more serious condition of evolution.

According to the phase or the level of severity in which the collapse is. It can be divided into four different degrees in which 1 is a lesser deformation and 4 that in which a minimum amount of air enters the respiratory tract.

collapsed trachea in dogs

What are the Symptoms of Tracheal Collapse?

The Many symptoms of Tracheal collapse which we can see in the dogs.

  • Dry cough
  • Sickness
  • Dyspnoea
  • Jadeos
  • Suffocation
  • Noise when breathing

A cough usually manifests sporadically when the tracheal collapse is minimal. Usually in situations of stress or strong emotions and becomes constant when the condition worsens. Due to its characteristics, it is possible to confuse it with the cough of the kennels. Although when accompanied by the other symptoms it can be easily ruled out.

As the tracheal collapse worsens over time. Which prevents the animal from receiving the amount of oxygen it needs. It is common for it to develop other diseases such as bronchitis, tracheitis, or even pulmonary hypertension. Which may eventually develop and leads to heart failure.

How is the Diagnosis Made for Tracheal Collapse?

Only the veterinarian is able to determine if your dog suffers from tracheal collapse or if it is one of the most common respiratory diseases in dogs. The most usual is to perform an X-ray, in which the state of the trachea and the rest of the respiratory system can be examined.

how to treat a collapsed trachea in dog

In addition, this can be complemented with a fluoroscope analysis. Which allows studying the behavior of the pathways during the breathing process. It is also possible that the specialist recommends a tracheobronchoscopy, in order to better observe the state of the cartilage.

What Treatment for Tracheal Collapse?

When it comes to the first three degrees of tracheal collapse. We opt for drug treatment, while in grade 4 only surgical intervention is useful.

With Drugs:

Bronchodilators are recommended to encourage breathing. In addition to antibiotics, if there is an infection, as well as the use of corticosteroids. If necessary, a sedative that reduces anxiety. Since nervousness only stimulates more cough and difficult breathing. All these medications, as well as their doses, should be prescribed by a veterinarian. The aim of the drugs is to reduce the effect of symptoms and improve the quality of life of the dog. Although they are not able to cure the condition.

With Surgery:

The surgery is recommended only when the dog has reached the stage 4 disease, Considered the worst. However, not all patients can be sent to the operating room. It will depend on each case whether or not this is a valid option. The surgical intervention seeks to reconstruct the shape of the tracheal and can even resort to the placement of a prosthesis or endotracheal implants to improve respiratory function.

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In addition to following the treatment indicated by the specialist to the letter. Here are some tips that will help you provide a better quality of life to your friendly dogs

  • Protect your dog from temperatures too high or too cold.
  • As well as contaminated spaces that could affect their lungs, such as those where there are smoke, dust, strong odors, among others.

dog tracheal collapse

  • Control dogs diet to maintain a healthy weight. Because an obese dog has greater difficulty breathing.
  • Avoid putting the typical necklaces and chains for dogs. Because they only press their neck when you want to attract it to you. Use a harness, it will be much more comfortable and healthy for him.
  • Keep dogs vaccinations up to date to avoid a canine cough.
  • Do not introduce large changes in the routine of the dog. They could stress it and this would affect your breathing.
  • Do not try to perform rough exercises. It is very common for dogs with tracheal collapse prefer to be quiet.

These are the most important tips and tricks to take care of dogs with tracheal collapse. Even you can think these tips and tricks are some of the dog tracheal collapse home treatments.


I Hope this article from Dogsfud has cleared all your doubts on Tracheal Collapse in Dogs. we do not have the power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort. Make sure to comment your experience if your dog already faced it and how you cured it or taken care of them.

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