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What do Dogs Dream About?

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There are many occasions in which we see our dog sleep, but do our dogs dream? Once we have another, we have seen how it gives a kick to the air or as loose a small grunt without moving from the site.

These are some of the symptoms that indicate that our dog is possibly immersed in a dream. Like us, humans, dogs also dream and have nightmares.

What Do Dogs Dream About?

We have all heard about the phases of the dream and its various interpretations. We know something about human dreams, but what do we know about canine dreams?

What do Dogs Dream About

Well, we are going to solve the doubt. Like humans, dogs go through different phases of sleep. The first is known as Slow Wave Sleep, the slow wave. It is interspersed with several phases of deep sleep, the well-known REM phase (Rapid Eye Movement). It is in this phase where the dog dreams and usually occupies a third of the dream approximately.

According to experts, thanks to dreams, dogs fix their experiences and everything they have learned during the day.


Scientists have shown that dogs dream by studying encephalograms. This study is based on brain wave receptors that analyze brain activity. They are placed on the head with adhesive patches and it is completely painless.

The encephalograms make a graph with which scientists study brain activity. These graphics are very similar to those that have been studied in people, so there is not much difference between our dreams and those of our pet.

Just like we do, when our dogs sleep, their brain activity increases. It is in the REM phase when more waves appear on the monitor and when dogs dream.

During the phase of deep sleep, the REM phase, we can observe that our pet kicks some air or articulates a sound corresponding to a bark or a growl. Even though we see our dog sprawled on the floor and loosening its belly so richly, his brain is working more than during the rest of the day.


Of course. Like people, dogs have different dreams. They can be pleasant, dreaming that they are playing or eating something delicious, or negative, like the nightmares that make us sweat so much.


We, humans, need to sleep a minimum of hours and in optimal conditions. If we follow these guidelines, our rest will be correct and we will be able to gather enough energy to face the day of each day.

Dogs Dream About

Well, our dogs need to follow this same process. The lack of sleep could make our beloved pet was affected both physically and psychologically.

This similarity with humans is not the coincidence. We share with dogs more than 90% of their genetic material, is not it true? But although there is little margin, we can still observe some difference, as is the waking state.

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It is one of the factors with which dogs differ from humans in terms of sleep. Our pet wakes up constantly during its rest due to the inheritance of its ancestor the wolf. Alternating sleep with sleeplessness.

Experts say that dogs sleep between 5 and 20 minutes in a row and another 5 minutes are revealed. This circle is repeated during the hours the dog is resting.


Dogs are hunters defenders by nature and thanks to the sense of hearing so sensitive that they are constantly alert even if they are closed-eyed and even asleep. If they hear something suspicious they wake up right away.


Now that we know that our dogs dream we will see the hours they sleep. We must know that to answer this question well, several factors must be taken into accounts, such as the age of the dog, the activity that the animal has had during the day or even the race.


Did you know that puppies can sleep up to 20 hours a day? Well, like babies, they spend most of the day sleeping until they are about 3 months old.

All these hours of sleep, however many they may seem, are necessary for the puppies because thanks to them they adapt better to the new surroundings that surround them.

As they grow older, the hours of sleep decrease and they are distributed throughout the day. After one year of age, dogs are already considered adults and sleep about 13 hours distributed throughout the day. During the night they can sleep about 8 hours, and the rest of sleep is shared in small naps, especially when they return from walks.

Once they are 7 years old, dogs are entering their old age. At this age the hours of sleep increase again, almost as much as when they were puppies. But this time it is not a period of adaptation but rather of advanced age, with which begin to emerge diseases of attrition such as arthritis.

About 18 hours or more will be what the dogs will sleep, depending on whether they suffer from diseases or not, and whether they are serious or mild.

According To The Time Of  Year

The weather station in which we are always conditions the sleep hours of our pet. In winter, it is normal for dogs to sleep more hours than usual.

Usually and like us humans, you spend more time at home and the desire to go for a walk becomes scarce. What we are looking for is a warm place to rest, like our dog. In contrast, in summer things change.

puppies can sleep

The suffocating heat disturbs our sleep. We are not able to spend a night without getting up several times to drink water or turn on the fan.

The dogs also get up several times, drink water, move around looking for the freshest parts of the home, such as the bathroom or kitchen floor. And if there is room near the fan or the air conditioning, better than better!


The fatigue is a key factor which will determine the dream of our pet. There are days when we can spend the whole day with our dog in the park, the field, or the beach, running and playing with him. These days suppose an effort and an extra physical activity for any dog that lives in a flat and that is not accustomed to run in excess every day.

This is usually what happens when we go with our pet to the chalet of a friend or any relative. The dog ends up exhausted and that night he sleeps more and better than usual.

Something similar happens when we travel. Our pet can go to sleep all the way or be so nervous that when you reach the destination you will be exhausted and just want to sleep.

Also, when we receive visitors at home, the dog is stressed, barks jumps and wants to play with the visitor at all costs. This exhausts them and at the end of the day it also shows up in the hours of sleep.

The most important thing is that we let our pet sleep what it needs. The hours of sleep, as for us, are very important to charge the batteries of our pets.

And remember that if you see something abnormal in the rest of your pet it is best to consult your veterinarian to ensure that it is not a serious problem.

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