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What Is The Best Dog Shampoo?

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If you are a Dog owner, then you will know that your loved one needs to be looked after just like we do. To give them the best care it is worth investing in a good quality shampoo. We all know it can get messy bathing or showering a Dog but it really is something they need. They need help to say fresh and clean and keep away any unpleasant smells. Looking after their coats also prevents skin infections and other health issues.

What Is The Best Dog Shampoo
Hudson And Nelly At Bath Time

What Does The Shampoo Do?

Frequently bathing your Dog will help to eliminate parasites, bacteria and other infectious diseases. If your Dog picks up a fungal or bacterial infection, a vet recommended shampoo can prevent the use of antibiotics and other medications. If your Dog has allergies, then shampoo will reduce itching and give him a far better quality of life. On the flip side, if he has an aversion to water, then you can use a dry shampoo.

An important thing to remember is that your Dog’s skin is very different to ours. It is all down to the fact that Dogs have a different pH balance than us humans. Our skin tends to be more acidic and a Dog’s more alkaline. Therefore our shampoos are designed for us and Dog’s for them.

Dog shampoos are milder than ours and are designed to cleanse gently. They are made to lather easily, retain moisture and to prevent dryness and dandruff.

What You Should Consider Before You Buy?

  • Odour – If your Dog spends a lot of time outside there is a good chance he could pick up an unpleasant smell. It is not just dirt from the countryside, if you have a city Dog, there are lots of unpleasant smells associated with traffic and pollution. Even if your Dog spends most of his time indoors you may well notice a doggy smell in the house. With any odours it is worth looking into a deodorising shampoo.
  • Type of Skin /Coat – Do you know how your Dog’s skin is or what type of coat he has? You need to determine exactly the type he has. If you are unsure you can ask your vet and they will point you in the direction of a recommended shampoo. If your Dog has sensitive skin and a smooth coat then he will need a mild formula. Popular choices have ingredients such as oatmeal, aloe vera or rosewater. If he has a furry coat then you may need a shampoo with conditioner to make it more manageable.
  • There are shampoos designed to reduce shedding, for itchy skin, hypoallergenic and prone to allergies. Hypoallergenic shampoos will help soothe and nourish their skin. If your Dog has normal skin then a general purpose shampoo will suffice.
    • Fleas and Ticks – There is a huge choice of shampoo’s all designed to combat Fleas and Ticks. You may find that your Dog does not like some brands so it is often a good thing to swap and change until you find one he is comfortable with. Sometimes it takes more than a good shampoo to combat this so you should take your loved one to the vet for alternative treatment if need be.
    • Age – Please ensure that if you have a puppy you use a product designed for them. A normal shampoo my harm them, especially causing irritation to the skin and eyes.

    How to Choose

    When you are buying a product you deem fit for your loved one you must read the labels to make sure you are getting the best for your pooch.

    If you can, you should always go for natural options like oil essences, vitamins and herbal products. These are more likely to be healthier for the skin and coat of your Dog. The less manufactured chemicals the better.

    Organic products are excellent as they contain no artificial chemicals or additives. If you need to wash your Dog more often, then an Organic Shampoo will be much better for the welfare of your Dog.

    It has been said the baby shampoo is suitable for Dogs, however, even though they are mild, they are still designed for humans.

    How Often Should You Bath Your Dog?

    This really all depends on the breed, age, health and how active your Dog is. Even though an indoors Dog will need bathing regularly, one that is outside most of the time is likely to need bathing more often. If you notice odours, dirt, grit or grease on their coat then they will need a bath. Also, if your Dog is suffering from skin or coat conditions, then they may need more frequent bathing. Best bet is to ask your Vet.

    We plan our Dog baths around our activities. We live in a town so don’t get to the beach or countryside very often. When we do get a chance to go to the beach it’s bath time the same day as they get filthy. The last thing you should be doing is bathing them and then the next day having to bathe them again as they are filthy.


    As you can see there are lots of things to take into account when buying a shampoo for your loved one. It really doesn’t take much time to research which is the best shampoo for your Dog. As always if you are uncertain a quick phone call to the vet will help.

    Below I have added five shampoos that I believe are great quality and good for different reasons.


    All the Best



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