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Why Does My Cat Follow Me All The Time From One Room To The Other?

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All the pets are affectionately connected to their owners. They exhibit their affection by various gestures such as sitting on our lap, rub on us when we are around or follow us wherever we go. We may sometimes feel good about this behavior of the cats.

But at times when we are engaged in some important work, for example, attending a video conference call from a call from home, attending some guests or watching our favorite cricket match, etc. we may find this behavior a bit irritating. Due to which, we may react in the way, we should not.

Pets are not that intelligent as we are. They just do what they feel like without knowing what’s going around in our lives. So it is very important to understand the reason behind their each activity and behavior.

Like other pets, cats too do the same. Most of the owners wonder why their cats follow them from one place to other. There could be various reasons for this behavior of cats. Some of them are as follows:

1. Feeling Hungry

Cat eating dry food from a plate sitting on the floor close-up

Most of the cases, cats are observed to be following their owners when the feeding time is approaching. As cats do not want their owner to be out of their sight as they are feeling hungry and want food to eat. This is the most common reason why cats follow their owners.

It is quite obvious as domestic cats are not habitual to catch the prey and feed on it. Domestic cats have a fixed schedule, and they start feeling hungry during a particular time in a day. If you notice that cats are moving around you or following you during those durations, you can easily make out that the reason is hunger.

2. Like Our Companionship

Happy teenage girl sitting at fireplace at home caressing cat.

This behavior of following us can be due to the reason that they like our companionship. As in most of the cases pets recognize their owners as their parents. This is because pets see the face of their owners as soon as they are out of the incubator. They feel safe while they are around their owner. This behavior may be called as “Imprinting.” Second reason for this is cats do not get that much care and affection from other people as much as they get it from the owner.

Sometimes they climb on owner’s back if owner lying on the bed or rub owner’s face to show the affection. This is a really good achievement for the owner as his/her pets like him/her the most. But, sometimes owner is not in a position to entertain the cats, and he/she thinks of any way out to keep away the pet. And, this can be treated by making them busy in some fun activity or getting one more kitten to accompany them.

3. Separation Anxiety

This is an anxiety due to separation from the owner for some considerable amount of time. For example, if you return from a trip, you may observe that your cat is following you wherever you go. This anxiety could be due to various reasons.

Most significant one is being lack of love and care by others. If your cat does not receive the same affection from others during your absence, it may develop this separation anxiety. It is very much a natural phenomenon, and you cannot blame your pet for this.

If you do not want your pet to suffer from this separation anxiety, you may follow some practices to improve this condition. Such as, you can take your pet with you wherever you go. But at times it is not possible to move around with your pet on all occasions. For that situation, you should arrange for a person in your family who is equally attached to your pet and takes equal care of it just as you do. This will not make the cat feel alone and unattended.

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4. Want to Explore New Places in the House

Yes, cats do follow their owners as they want to explore new places in the house such as other rooms, kitchen, roof, courtyard, garden, etc. This happens when the kittens are introduced to some house or family for the first time or if they are taken to some new place which they have not ever seen. And, this behavior continues for some time.

Once they get acquainted with the place and people around, this behavior tends to disappear. It is again a very natural instinct. Cats do so to get well verse with the place they inhabit in. This adds to their feeling of being safe, due to which they may lead a peaceful life. For this, they only trust their owner and therefore follow him/her to satisfy their curiosity.

5. Attention Seeking

Woman play with her kitten at home.

Like humans, cats also have attention seeking tendency. They start the following owner to get his/her attention. At times they also meow for the same objective. Now to treat this you have two options. First is that you start paying attention to your cat. And, second is that you start engaging your cats in various other activities such as chasing a toy or search for food, etc. Cats feel safe when they get the attention of their owner.


Like humans, cats also want to be loved and cared. They also feel the absence of their owner and wait for him/her to return home. It is our responsibility towards our pets to treat them carefully and give them the love and affection they need. We must understand that there is some reason behind each and every activity of them.

Thereby, we have just seen that there could be so many reasons due to which the cats follow their owners. Cats might do so due to hunger, eagerness to see their owner or because they recognize their owner as their parents. Most of us prefer cats as a good companion to reduce our stress and feel a bit relaxed. If we get such a soothing behavior from our pets, we should give them the same in return; that is, humanity.

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