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Why Does My Dog Vomit White Foam? {With Reasons}

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Are you worried about your dog which is vomiting in foam? or your dog vomits foam regularly? We know many of the new dog owners even some of the old dog owners are worried about this situation. Because they don’t know about this dog vomit foam or they haven’t seen this yet.

Dogs Vomit Foam because of some reasons like Eating too fast, exercising too much, having gastritis or having a swollen abdomen can cause this reaction in the dogs. So it is always better to know the complete details before proceeding with any action.

Why Does My Dog ​​Vomit White Foam
Why Does My Dog Vomit White Foam

So in this article, we have provided the complete reasons for dogs vomiting foam and explained each of the reason in the best format to get it cleared for you. Just check the complete article and be aware of the situations like this.

Why Does My Dog Vomit White Foam?

Vomiting in dogs occurs with some frequency and is a common evil in them since they are puppies. When a dog vomits white foam can be due to many reasons. So it is best that you are informed so you can determine with good judgment what is happening in the body of your pet.

If you have seen that your dog vomits white foam, The best thing you can do is pay attention to their behavior, because the symptoms that accompany the vomit will be of great importance and they will give you information to determine how bad is what is happening with your dog…

Dog Vomit White Foam

As We said above Dog vomits white foam for many reasons. All those reasons will be explained clearly in the coming article. Just cross check all the reasons why your dog is vomiting the white foam. The reasons are as follows;

  • Because of Eating Very Fast
  • Gastritis
  • When They Exercise
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Vomiting of bile
  • Vomiting of bile
  • Another cause of vomiting in dogs, rabies!

These are the main reasons for Dogs vomit White foam. We will have detailed information about each of them right now. Before that if they are no reasons found for the vomiting of foam or if your dog vomits for the first time then you reduce the vomiting easily.

Because of Eating Very Fast

It is very common for dogs to vomit a kind of slime or slimy foam when they have eaten too fast. This is because many times the dog when it eats fast, accidentally ingests things that it cannot digest or that it should not eat, such as hairs or dust. They get stuck in your dog throat and cause discomfort in the trachea, which generates the urge to vomit.

Because Of Eating Very Fast

They also vomit if they have ingested a very large food and it is a way of expelling it in case they have been stuck. If vomiting persists you should go to the veterinarian because it may be a food or object. For example, a toy that has become stuck in some area of your alimentary tract and has not been able to eliminate it through vomiting. So it is better to take your dog to vet and check him properly is the right choice which we can do.


The gastritis is relatively common in dogs bad and usually manifests as vomiting morning. Just after the dog has awakened and has an empty stomach. It is normal to expel a bilious fluid that may be white or yellow but if you see blood in it. It is best to take it to the veterinarian because it may be an ulcer.

Gastritis in dogs is corrected through fasting and a soft diet low in fat such as boiled rice and shredded chicken. Which causes the stomach to distend and reduce the amount of acid it is producing.

Gastritis in Dogs

However, persistent vomiting especially those that continue even after the end of treatment requires attention. As they may indicate that your dog is suffering from some inflammation in his digestive system. If the vomiting is accompanied by a fever, it may indicate that the dog is suffering from an infection. So it is best to treat it with antibiotics prescribed by the veterinarian.

Remember that medicating your dog on your own is dangerous as many products, especially medicines, cause havoc in the dog’s body. If you’re dealing with things like a bleeding ulcer the last thing you want to do is provide something that irritates your dog’s stomach more.

When They Exercise

As in us, excessive exercise can causes dogs to vomit. This is because they have eliminated too much fluid which produces dehydration or because they have been breathing badly which causes nausea. This can be a danger since the dog can suffer heat stroke or faint due to fatigue. So always keep an eye on your dog while it exercises.

When They Exercise too much

Swollen Abdomen

Abdominal inflammation is one of the causes of vomiting as more dangerous foam may develop a dog. This is the disease that most dogs kill after cancer. Inflammation or abdominal distension is caused by an excessive accumulation of air, gastric juices, foam and food inside the dog’s stomach.

This causes the stomach to twist and catch all the stomach contents and to obstruct the veins that feed the other internal organs basically strangulating them. This condition is very dangerous and can cause the death of the dog in a matter of days.

Swollen Abdomen in Dogs

One way to notice that this occurs in the body of your pet is that the stomach looks more inflamed and the animal shows signs of pain. In addition to decay and does not tolerate contact with this area of your dog’s body.

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Vomiting of Bile

Another thing that may be happening to your pet is the possibility of suffering bilious vomiting syndrome, but What is this? One way to identify it is if your dog suffers from vomiting of white or yellow foam just after he has woken up (on an empty stomach). This ailment is also called “reflux gastritis”. It is a digestive disorder that occurs due to the accumulation of acid in the stomach of our dog.

In these cases, the usual thing is that our pet vomits a bilious fluid, white or yellow if it is accompanied by blood. Consult your trusted veterinarian!

Cough of the kennels

A kennel cough? What is that? This is an infection caused by Bordetella Bronchiseptica Bacteria. Characterized by a dry and rough cough that is also accompanied by nausea and white foamy vomit.

Cough Of The Kennels for dogs

Other symptoms that may accompany this pathology is conjunctivitis in dogs. In any case, with the right treatment from your trusted veterinarian, it can be cured in a few weeks!

Another Cause of Vomiting in Dogs, Rabies!

Although historically white foam has been linked as a symptom of rabies in dogs. It usually occurs in the final stages of the disease.

In cases of rabies, the white foam usually results from the atrophy of the nerve in the mouth and throat of the dog. Which makes it unable to swallow food. If your dog has received all the preventive vaccines for rabies the white foam will not be a sign of rabies.

Many other diseases cause vomiting in dogs. Especially those related to the digestive and respiratory system. Although these are accompanied by much more alarming symptoms that will make you visit the veterinarian to determine what is happening.


Hence, You came to know the complete reason behind why your dogs vomit white foam. Check all the possible reasons before conforming one. Make sure to take him to the vet for better and quick treatment. We Hope you like this article and this article will help you. Feel free to ask your question if you have any doubts. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Like us, Share the article and Stay tuned to dogs fud for more dog articles.

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