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Novice Buyer’s Guide to Shopping for the Best Dog Clippers

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Does your canine friend have a silky or long coat? If so, I can imagine how much you are spending for her grooming, including her shampoo and coat trimming.Why don’t you save yourself a lot of dollars in the long run by getting dog clippers? Read on and learn how to shop for the best dog clippers for your pet.

Woman getting Golden Retriever fur care at dog

Obviously, you would want to trim your dog’s coat for aesthetic reasons. Clipping and trimming a dog’s hair can also be beneficial for her health. It minimizes risks of flea infestation. It can also keep her cool during the summer season. Moreover, you’ll be able to save a lot of money as you don’t have to pay for professional services. You don’t even have to go out of the house to give your dog a haircut.

How to cut your dog’s hair

Trimming your dog’s coat isn’t as easy as say, preparing homemade dog food. But I am not saying you won’t be able to pull it off.Many dog experts suggest clipping dog hair as early as possible. In fact, I used to trim my Shih Tzu’s coat when she was just a puppy. Before you start clipping her hair, you might want to keep in mind these tips:

  • arrow-circle-rightHold the clippers in both its “on” and “off” positions, so you’ll know your most comfortable grip. 
  • arrow-circle-rightBathe your dog and make sure she’s completely dry.
  • arrow-circle-rightEliminate tangles and mats from her coat. 
  • arrow-circle-rightTrim her coat in an area where she won’t be distracted. 

Once you’re ready to trim her coat, bring all your tools within your reach. Make sure that the blade of the clipper is sharp. Use the guide comb so you can achieve a consistent cut.

How to choose a dog clipper

There are numerous considerations in choosing a dog clipper. Below are some of the more important ones:

  • pawType. Novice users should get a single speed clipper as it doesn’t heat up too quickly. Advanced users, on the other hand, should get a variable speed clipper which is versatile and powerful for cutting thick dog fur. 
  • pawMotor speed and power. This is usually expressed in RPM or rotation per minute, which simply means the number of times that the motor rotates in a single minute.
  • pawNoise, heat, and vibration. The most powerful clippers can cut through the coarsest of a coat, but their blades can heat up quickly. Moreover, the noise and vibration may also disturb the dog.
  • pawSize and weight. Look for a dog clipper that is lightweight and easy to maneuver. 
  • pawCordless and corded. A cordless clipper can be used anywhere while you need an outlet to operate a corded clipper. 

Now let’s look at seven highly recommended dog coat shavers today, listed according to their uses.

[amazon box=”B01MG758NL,B06ZXRNR7M,B01D8KIBYU,B01D4XKAD6,B00A8D95OG,B000LRN31A,B01G30895S” template=”table”]

For Thick And Long Coats:

[amazon box=”B01MG758NL,B06ZXRNR7M” template=”table”]

Long thick hair dog

#1. Dog Clippers Cat Shaver, Professional Hair Grooming Electric Clipper Detachable Blades Cordless Rechargeable

[amazon box=”B01MG758NL” template=”horizontal”]

If your dog has thick and long coats, this one should be on your short list. It is powered by a 15-watt motor that can make up to 9000 RPM. That’s enough power to cut through the thickest of dog coat. The shaver features a 33-teeth blade. This cordless dog coat shaver is powered by an integrated battery that takes 3 hours to be charged but can last for 7 hours of operation. The noise level is around 50 to 60 decibels which are relatively quiet. You can also use this in trimming the long hair of your feline pet.



  • check-circle-oPowerful enough to cut through the thickest coat
  • check-circle-oIt is compact and lightweight 
  • check-circle-oIt can last for 7 working hours
  • check-circle-oIt is relatively quiet



  • banIt can take 3 hours to completely charge the unit
  • banPoor/lack of instructions

#2. Cyrico 2 Speed Clippers

[amazon box=”B06ZXRNR7M” template=”horizontal”]

This unit can also be relied upon in trimming thick dog coat. As you can deduce from the name, it has a two-speed setting. You can choose between 5500 and 6500 RPM. The battery of this unit takes about three hours of full charge but can work for up to 5 hours. The noise level is around 50 to 60 decibels, which makes it relatively quiet. You’ll also love that the clipper has an ergonomic handle. Plus it is lightweight and easy to store.



  • check-circle-oFeatures two-speed setting 
  • check-circle-oWith an ergonomically designed handle
  • check-circle-oThe unit is quiet when in use
  • check-circle-oCompact and easy to store



  • banBattery doesn’t last long
  • banCharging can take a while 

For short hair:

[amazon box=”B01D8KIBYU,B01D4XKAD6″ template=”table”]

short hair dog

#3. Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs and Cats Grooming Clippers

[amazon box=”B01D8KIBYU” template=”horizontal”]

This product features a ceramic movable blade paired with a titanium blade for quick and efficient cutting of dog nails. Its low vibration motor operates at a noise level of around 60 decibels, which some people find a bit too loud for their pets. It also comes with a rechargeable battery, which would take 4 to 5 hours to be completely charged. Usage time varies but averages around 60 minutes. This is also well-designed with a handle that you should find very comfortable to hold.



  • check-circle-oCeramic and titanium blades are sharp enough to cut hair
  • check-circle-oLow vibration motor is efficient
  • check-circle-oIt comes with a rechargeable battery
  • check-circle-oPackage includes other grooming accessories



  • banThe motor isn’t that quiet
  • banThe rechargeable battery usage time is short 

#4. Bojafa [2017 Upgrade Model] Low Noise Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers Kit (Double Batteries+Shears+Comb)

[amazon box=”B01D4XKAD6″ template=”horizontal”]

This cordless clipper can work in two ways— cordless working or working with charging. It will take about five hours to fully charge it. Operation time is about 70 minutes. The manufacturer also throws in an extra backup battery. This is also quiet when cutting through dog coat with a noise level of about 50 decibels. The vibration is also minimal which means your dog won’t be bothered by it.There are four guide combs included in the package. The blade is made of titanium and ceramic.



  • check-circle-oIt has a very sharp blade
  • check-circle-oLow vibration and noise level won’t bother the dog
  • check-circle-oCordless design means you can use it anywhere
  • check-circle-oAn extra battery is included in the package



  • banOperation time of the battery is quite short
  • banIt takes too long for the battery to get fully charged

For medium coats and multiple uses:

[amazon box=”B00A8D95OG,B000LRN31A,B01G30895S” template=”table”]

medium hair dog

#5.Wahl Professional Grooming Kit

[amazon box=”B00A8D95OG” template=”horizontal”]

This 16-piece grooming kit has everything you need to groom your dog. Aside from the nail clipper, the manufacturer adds a bonus instructional DVD, grooming apron, a pair of scissors, a comb and a 9-inch storage case to the kit. The centerpiece of this set is the U-Clipper, which you can use for trimming fine to medium dogs coats. You can use this for small and medium sized dogs. It is powered by a powerful yet quiet motor that can churn out 7200 strokes a minute. This electric nail clipper has an eight feet long cord, so you can groom your pet without having to be near a wall outlet. Apart from that convenient feature, the clipper features a comfortable and ergonomically designed grip.



  • check-circle-oExtra-long cord for convenience of the user
  • check-circle-oIt comes with numerous accessories for grooming dogs
  • check-circle-oIt has a powerful yet quiet motor
  • check-circle-oIt has an ergonomically designed grip



  • banThe unit isn’t the most durable especially when dropped a few times
  • banThe accessories are all flimsy except for the case

#6.Oster A5 Turbo Animal Clipper

[amazon box=”B000LRN31A” template=”horizontal”]

If you’re looking for an efficient, reliable and easy way of grooming your dog, then this animal clipper is one for you. It is powered by a powerful motor that doesn’t bog down like most plastic clippers. It has two-speed settings. It can make up to 4,000 strokes a minute, giving it enough power to tackle any nail regardless of its thickness. It is easy to operate, too. Simply flick the switch to change from low speed to high speed. This is a portable dog nail clipper weighing 11 ounces and measuring 3 inches long, 10.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall. With its size, you can easily place this in the drawer or your bag if you are traveling with your dog. The unit comes with a brush and instructional manual.



  • check-circle-oIt has two-speed settings allowing it to handle thicker dog nails
  • check-circle-oIts powerful motor doesn’t bog down
  • check-circle-oIt is easy to operate
  • check-circle-oIt is portable and easy to store



  • banIt can get hot pretty quickly
  • banIt is noisy when in operation

#7.Sminiker Rechargeable Dog Clippers

[amazon box=”B01G30895S” template=”horizontal”]

This is another user-friendly dog clippers that you might want to get. I like how it was designed—it has an R-shaped edge that prevents accidental cutting of the pet’s skin. It also has a ceramic blade that is movable and strong enough for long-term cutting. It won’t get rusty, too, so you can be assured that the clippers would stay useful for quite a while. The motor is also very quiet while in operation. The sound level is limited to about 50 decibels which are quiet enough for most dogs not to be bothered while their owners are grooming them. While the unit itself needs about four hours of charging, it can be used for five to six hours.



  • check-circle-oThe blade is strong and durable
  • check-circle-oThe motor is quiet while in operation
  • check-circle-oWhen charged, the unit can work for up to six hours
  • check-circle-oSince it is rechargeable, there’s no cord that can get in the way when you use it



  • banInsufficient instructions included in the package
  • banThe blades should be oiled before and after use, which can be quite inconvenient for busy pet owners


Before I end, let me give you my recommendations for dogs with short, medium and long hair. The Sminiker Rechargeable dog clipper is the best choice for dogs with short hair. It is comfortable to hold and powered by a low vibration motor. The titanium blade can do an excellent job of cutting dog hair. For thick and long coats, I would recommend the Enjoy Pet clippers. It has a powerful motor with a 33-teeth blade. Its battery can last long, and it works quietly. And the Wahl clipper is my choice for grooming dogs with medium coats. It is easy to operate with a powerful and quiet motor that can easily cut through dog hair.

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