6 Best Dog DNA Tests 2020

Ever wondered which breeds are in your dog or do you need to know specific info about their genetics in order to care for their health and well-being? There is an easy way for you to get answers.

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DNA tests for dogs allow owners to find out more about their mixed breed dogs: it’s as simple as taking a quick swab of saliva, mailing it in and then waiting for the results from the lab.

While the market may be limited when it comes to brands of DNA test kits, there are still a few reliable choices out there and we will be highlighting them for you in our guide below.

Here, we’ll show you which are the best dog DNA test kits and answer some of the most common questions that many have about them.

Top Six Dog DNA Tests Complete Comparison

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. Embark Veterinary Dog DNA Test: Most Accurate Mixed Breed ID$$$$4.9
2. Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification$$4.3
3. Canine Health Check - Genetic Health and Disease Screening Test$$$4.0
4. Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 2.5$$$4.2
5. Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed$$4.0
6. DNA MY Dog Canine Breed$3.3


  • Are They Accurate? The best dog DNA test is done in the vet’s office: a blood sample sent in for testing is much more reliable than a swab of saliva.

Saliva swabs, however, are still fairly accurate.

  • Cost? On average, most tests will cost you between $65-85. For those of you who are simply curious or if you would like to know for the general health and well-being of your dog, this is the right amount to spend.

If you’re really in need of the most accurate test possible, some of them can cost double those figures, but these are probably only important in cases where one needs to know (i.e. serious health conditions) or if someone is worried that a less accurate test will fail (and, consequently require them to spend the money on  another test).

  • How Long Does It Take to Get Results? Usually about 2-3 weeks.
  • How Do They Work? Each kit performs different kinds of tests and compares the DNA of your dog to different numbers of breeds.

Some kits may compare your dog’s DNA to fewer than 100 breeds while other kits compare them to well over 100 breeds.

The kit will provide you with this info, so be sure to research the product thoroughly to see if it will provide you with the answers to your questions.

  • Is It Worth the Investment? For the health and well-being of your mixed breed dog, a test like this is definitely worth the investment.

Once you have the test results, you can take them to your vet and discuss the potential health risks (or help your vet to determine any current health problems) that your dog may have.

Since certain breeds are more prone to certain diseases and health problems, spending money on a test like this could save you thousands of dollars and heartache if your dog becomes ill one day.

This is a pro-active solution that can help you prevent illness in your dog, so we definitely feel that it’s worth your money!

Top 3 Best Dog DNA Test Reviews

1. Embark Veterinary Most Accurate Mixed Breed ID

Embark may not make one of the most popular kits on our list, but it is certainly one of the best dog DNA test kits in terms of accuracy and info that it provides.

This is a thorough test kit that will test for over 160 canine genetic diseases and provide you with answers in terms of breed identification (the types of purebred dogs that your dog is mixed with and the percentage), where your dog’s ancestors came from.

If you’re serious about the test results, then you need a serious test like this one.

For those of you who are just a bit curious or not ready to spend so much money, there are two other options for you below.

2. Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0

Mars made the list three times (twice in our top two) because there are different versions of the kit available.

This is the 3.0 version covers over 250 breeds, types and varieties (99% of those are recognized by the American Kennel Club).

The 3.0 is a step ahead of the 2.5 and 2.0 versions since it has an improved algorithm that more accurately identifies genetic markers, and it also offers the MDR1 (Multi Drug Resistant gene) drug sensitivity test to help you understand if your dog might have any potentially fatal reactions to certain drugs.

Test results usually arrive 2-3 weeks after you send in the kit.

It is an affordable way to get answers about your mixed breed dog!

3. Canine Health Check – Genetic Health and Disease

Paw Print Genetics is another alternative.

This will screen your do for more than 150 diseases that are commonly inherited by dogs, and it will also provide you with insight into your dog’s immune system, metabolism, vision and even their heart health.

This is a great test for those of you who need results ASAP, because you can create an account online with the company and then receive the results in 7-10 business days after they receive the swab.

When you’re desperate for answers and every second counts, a test like this could mean the difference between life and death for your dog.

Those of you who simply seek answers will be equally as pleased with the test, so if you don’t mind spending a little more to ensure accuracy, this is definitely worth it.