10 Best Dog Foods for Dry Skin 2020

As man’s best friend, dogs make great companions and it is only fair to take just as good care of them as they do of us. This includes keeping their skin in good, healthy condition as not only will it help them to look better, it will also help them to feel better.

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There is a wide range of different dog foods on the market and each brand tends to be formulated to help with particular aspects of your dog’s well-being. With so many different types on the market, we have created this simple guide to help you choose the best dog food for dry skin for you and your dog.

Top 10 Dog Foods for Dry Skin Chart

PictureNameWeight (pounds)PriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameWeight (pounds)PriceRating (1-5)
1. NUTRO MAX Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food4 or 25$$$4.7
2. NUTRO Adult Dry Dog Food5, 15 or 30$$$4.7
3. Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Turkey3.8, 7.4, 15 or 27.5$$4.6
4. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Recipe4, 11 or 24$$$$4.6
5. Purina Pro Plan Savor Dry Dog Food6 or 18$4.6
6. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food4.5, 13 or 26$$$$4.6
7. Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Dog Food4, 12 or 25$$$4.5
8. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food4 or 11$4.5
9. Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Dog Food4, 15.5 or 30$$$4.5
10. Ideal Balance Large Breed Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food15 or 30$$$$4.5

How to Choose Food for Your Dog´s Dry Skin

If you your dog suffers with dry skin then obviously you will want a formula that helps to maintain a healthy skin and coat, but that is not the only thing you should look out for.

  • Sensitive Stomach and Allergies. Some dogs will struggle with certain foods so it is important to look out for products that have been formulated with this in mind. Grain is often a problem for many dogs so looking for grain-free products is a good start.
  • Taste. Not all dogs will eat whatever you give them and some can be very fussy indeed. If your pooch is a fussy eater then keep an eye out for products that other dog owners say their fussy dogs enjoy.
  • Skin and Coat. We’ve mentioned this already but it is important for a lot of dogs. Fatty acids in formulas will help to make sure your dog’s skin and coat is healthy and looking good.
  • Joints. Some dogs suffer with mobility, especially as they begin to get older, but some foods have ingredients that can help to make your pooch more mobile again.

Top 3 Best Dog Food for Dry Skin Reviews

1. NUTRO MAX Grain Free Adult Dog Food

NUTRO MAX grain free natural adult dry dog food is made with salmon to provide high levels of protein, in addition to other valuable nutrients. The grain free formula is also suitable for dogs that might otherwise suffer with stomachs that are sensitive to grains. Some owners that have dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs say that this is the best dog food for dry skin for their dogs.

This product contains essential fatty acids that help provide healthy skin and a shiny coat while this food also helps with healthy bowel movements. Perhaps most importantly of all, dogs tend to love the taste of this food and will gladly eat it over other popular brands.

Dog owners that feed their pets this food note that the skin does become considerably healthier and less hair is shed. If you are looking for a food that your dogs will love while it gives them all the nutrients they need, NUTRO MAX grain free natural adult dry dog food is just what you and your dogs have been looking for.

2. NUTRO Adult Dry Dog Food

NUTRO adult dry dog food is made with New Zealand venison that helps with sensitive stomachs in some dogs. Many dog owners with dogs that suffer from sensitive stomachs for different reasons say they have struggled to find a food their dog can eat, but this product caused no problems for their pets whatsoever.

As well as being a product that most dogs can eat without complications, dogs also love this food, encouraging them to eat all that they need. Packed with fatty acids and other nutrients it is also ideal for dogs with dry skin and other conditions with the skin or coat.

Some dog owners have noted that this product can give their dogs bad breath, but still the nutrients that it offers help to make sensitive dogs fit and healthy like other brands cannot. If you are looking for a nutritious food for dogs with sensitive stomachs that can also help with dry skin, NUTRO adult dry dog food could be all that you need.

3. Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Turkey

The main ingredient of Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct turkey and venison formula dry dog food is turkey, and it is formulated to provide all round nutrition for your dog. It is a highly digestible food so your dog is able to get as many nutrients from it as possible, while also making it edible for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Fatty acids help to make sure that your dog’s skin and coat is healthy while Glucosamine helps make sure that your dog has healthy joints. In addition to healthy skin and coat, as well as limited negative effects from allergies, dog owners have also noted that their pets appear more agile thanks to the Glucosamine in the formula.

This product is another food that dogs enjoy to eat, helping to make sure they get all the nutrients they need. If you have been looking for a dog food that helps with your dog’s dry skin and also helps with their joints, Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct turkey and venison formula dry dog food could the best dog food for dry skin for your dog.

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