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A Custom Canvas Painting is the Best Gift for Cat People

For pet owners in general and cat owners in particular, there’s little in life that means more than their furry friends. If you have a cat person in your life, you’ve probably seen (even if you don’t quite understand) how important their feline friend is.

When you’re shopping for a pet owner, the first thing you think of may be pet supplies, but in order to buy a gift that’s for the human in question and not the pet, there’s a better kitty related gift idea that’s just for your two-legged friend that you may not have thought of: a custom portrait by a company like Paint Your Life. They can turn any photo into a custom work of art by a real professional artist.

Perfect for the Quirkiest Cat Owner

Is the crazy cat human you’re shopping for a little, well, eccentric? It turns out that research shows that cat people tend to identify as more creative and open-minded than those who prefer dogs. It only makes sense that you might see cat lovers as a little kookier than the non-cat connoisseurs among the general population, especially if you’re not one.

One amazing thing about a custom canvas portrait, even one from a photo, is that you’re in no way limited to what’s in the photo. While most pet owners would really enjoy a more traditional, posed, realistic cat portrait, some cat people have a more eccentric sense of style that doesn’t mesh with a more formal style.

Paint Your Life has plenty of custom portraits created for their customers of cats (and other pets) in historical dress, depicting them as ruler of all the lands, the king or queen of their castle (or would that be scratching post?). If you have a unique idea of how to pose a pet, you can bet there’s an artist who can take a basic, non-costumed photo of the animal in question and turn it into a hilarious masterpiece.

Here are some fun ideas for cat portraits if you’re having trouble deciding:

  • A galactic image with a cat dressed as an astronaut
  • A psychedelic tie-dye swirl with the trippy kitty front and center
  • A goofy, distorted underwater image
  • A portrait of the kitty’s best food begging face
  • Kitty at play
  • Kitty wet and angry after a bath
  • An abstract George Rodrigue-esque image

Immortalize A Pet

The average lifespan for a domesticated cat is just 15 short years. That means that a cat owner that has at least one cat around for most of their lifetime will likely have at least four or five kitties sharing space with them throughout their human lifespan.

Our pets can only stay with us for so long, so something special that immortalizes them is a great way to show the people you love that you care about the kitty they care about.

Portraits are Great for Kitty Owners Who Have Suffered a Loss

There’s little in this life more painful for cat people than losing their best furry friend. If you have a friend or family member who has recently lost their beloved kitty, a custom portrait is an amazing, thoughtful gift to help them cope with their grief and show them you care about their pain.

Cat owners spend a lot of time with their pets, and as such, those pets are a big part of their life. Psychologists even say that the loss of a pet is often comparable to the loss of a close friend or family member. As such, a gesture that’s similar in nature to one you’d make if they’d lost a human companion certainly isn’t excessive.

If you’re considering ordering a portrait from a photo of a kitty who has passed for the kitty’s loved one, you might feel around to discover the human’s favorite photo of their pet. Ask about how they spend time together, funny habits the cat had, routines that were an important part of their life together.

In asking these questions, you not only gather ideas for the portrait. You also help the pet owner process the loss of their pet and show them how much you care.

Not Just for Cats

Maybe you’re looking for a gift for a crazy (insert animal obsession here) person rather than a crazy cat person. You’re still totally covered with a custom portrait! Artists who paint from a photo are definitely not limited to more traditional pets. Whether the person you’re shopping for is bird batty, a lizard lover, a turtle tycoon, or a capybara connoisseur, you can order a custom portrait of their special friend at Paint Your Life.

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