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Best way on How to Tire Out a Puppy

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Let’s admit it. No matter how we love our dogs and no matter how we always want to play with them, there will be times when we just don’t have the time and energy to play with them. Unfortunately, when dogs are left to play on their own many catastrophic events happen like broken glass, falling objects, torn garments, scattered food which may not be healthy such as mushrooms, and many others. Dogs are hyper animals and the only way stop them is to play with them or simply wait for them to get tired. While the first option is not possible, the second one is. In this article, we will share with you some effective ways on how you can tire your dogs without having to work yourself out and without having to spend too much.


Ways to tire your dogs

Here are a few of the proven ways on how to exhaust your dog’s energy. While the activities provided here are easy to do and perform, the things you need are also cheap and can be found in any pet store.

  • Puzzle toys

If you are not into walking your dog in the park or playing with them to exhaust their energy then you can simply let them play with puzzle toys. Puzzle toys not only drain their energy but also stimulates their brains. As we already know, dogs are smart which is why they are also called ‘man’s best friend.’ A popular puzzle toy for dogs and puppies is the toy food condenser wherein the dog needs to sniff the right compartment with food. Once the dog pushes the right button, food instantly comes out. This trains the puppy’s sense of smell and instantly rewards the dog of every correct answer.

By using puzzle toys, you get to relax while your dog tires out and develop their thinking capacity.

  • Obedience Training

Another thing that can surely tire out any dog and puppy is the obedience training. This activity challenges the mind of the dog and at the same time exhausts its body. Obedience trainings come with a series of commands wherein the dog should follow. For every successful response to a specific command, the dog gets a treat. While doings this, it is important to consider one mode of training at a time for the dog to remember.

For example, if you are working on training your dog how to sit then focus only on the same training over and over until the dog finally remembers it. Also, remember that training dogs can take a while, maybe around 2-3 hours a day can already provide amazing results.

handshake between woman and pretty puppy- High Five - teamwork between girl dog

  • Play fetch

There is no other game that dogs love than the game of fetch. To put the game up a notch, try doing the game on stairs. Doing this game on stairs will immediately tire out the dog as it moves up and down. As you do this, make sure that the dog knows how the game goes and that the dog is physically fit for the game.

If the dog is still unaware of how to play fetch, you can simply train your pet by using a command and reward technique of training which the same as obedience training is. For every time the dog performs the task correctly, give it a treat as a reward. Through the reward, the dog remembers the task.

a cute dog at a local public swimming pool

  • Swimming

Another excellent and healthy way to tire out your dog is by letting it swim. Dogs are natural swimmers so you don’t have to worry about tossing them into the pool or tub. As it swims, it makes use of its set of legs to paddle through the water. Swimming drains twice more energy than running does because of water resistance.

To get your dog into the pool without having to go in yourself, you can simply toss in their favorite toy, ball or some treats that they can chase.

A very little puppy is running happily with floppy ears trough a garden with green grass. It almost looks like he can fly. He smiles and shows his tiny canine teeth.

  • Conventional walking the dog

The conventional walking the dog can also be effective to drain your dog’s energy. If you have time and are willing to sweat to improve health then tagging your dog along with you with jogging or walking is a great idea. This lets you hit two birds with one stone. By having to walk your dog, you will spend quality time with your dog and both of you can even enjoy sights as you move to places.

For a last tip, never try to resort to medications when trying to calm your dogs. Also, when using meds such as Benadryl for allergies, it is best to consult a vet beforehand.

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