6 Best Wet Foods for Kittens 2020

Whether you’re in need of a quality wet food because your little kitten isn’t yet able to handle the crunchy kibbles or if you just prefer to feed them canned food, we’ll be taking a look at some of the top choices of kitty owners in our guide below.

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The pet food industry has experienced a serious makeover in the past decade since pet owners have become much more concerned about the quality (or lack thereof) of ingredients that manufacturers use to make the food.

Move over Iams and Fancy Feast. It’s time to provide kitty with a quality diet and not just the cheapest thing on the grocery store shelf.

Why Wet Food?

There are a few reasons to choose wet food for kittens:

  • When Kibble Is Too Difficult. You’ll need to keep an eye on your kitten to make sure he/she is getting enough to eat, especially if there are other kittens at the food bowl.

If they find the hard kibble too difficult to chew, they can’t provide their little bodies with the nutrition they need at this important growing stage!

Wet food can help you ensure that kitten gets the proper nutrition during the transition phase from mother’s milk to solids. It also provides them with a little extra dose of moisture if they haven’t formed the habit of regularly visiting the water bowl.

  • Preference. If you, as a cat mom or dad, prefer to feed wet food, then that’s great! You have plenty of options out there.

If you start them on wet food as kittens and continue into adulthood, now is also a great time to expose little kitten to a variety of flavors.

We all know how picky cats can be, but if you switch up the flavors when they’re still young, you might prevent them from snubbing certain flavors when they’re older.

In our table below, we’ll show you some of the best wet food for kittens based on the quality of the ingredients and flavors that other kitten owners seem to have the best luck with.

Top 6 Wet Foods for Kittens Table

PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
1. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Pate Wet Cat Food24 pack (3 oz. cans)$$4.6
2. Fussie Cat Premium Variety Pack - Canned Cat Food28 pack (2.8 oz. cans)$$$$4.5
3. NUTRO Wet Cat Food24 pack (3 oz. cans)$$$4.5
4. TIKI CAT, Queen Emma Luau, Variety Pack, Cat Food12 pack (2.8 oz. cans)$$$4.4
5. Natural Balance Platefulls Wet Cat Food Pouches24 pack (3 oz. pouches)$4.3
6. Wellness Complete Health Natural Canned Grain Free Wet Pate Cat Food24 pack (3 oz. cans)$$$4.2

“Kitten” or “Adult” Food

During your search for the best wet food for kittens, you may have realized that not very many brands make kitten-specific wet food formulas.

Does that mean you’re limited to those brands only?

Absolutely not.

If you like the quality of the ingredients you see on a brand of cat food, just read the feeding guidelines to find out the proper quantity to give a kitten. Number 4, for example, isn’t specifically designed as a “kitten” formula but they do provide you with feeding guidelines if you want to give it to feed it to your kitten.

When in doubt, ask your vet or a pet nutritionist how much you should be feeding your little feline friend.

Chunky or Pâté

Picky kittens may not like what you put in front of them for a variety of reasons, whether it be the flavor or the consistency.

Get a variety pack to help you out and remember that the consistency may be the problem if they turn their nose up.

They may prefer chunks to the whipped pâté, or vice versa.

Top 3 Best Wet Food for Kittens Reviews

1. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Pate

While it’s up to you to decide which is the best wet food for your kitten, this is certainly our top pick!

We love Blue Buffalo’s grain free formula that will start your indoor kitten off on the right foot – er, paw.

This is a pâté chicken recipe that little kitties really seem to enjoy (other kitten owners rave about it) and the healthy ingredients certainly stand out to us:

Again, free of grains, corn, wheat, soy, chicken by-products and no artificial preservatives/colors/flavors. An excellent choice for any young kitty!

2. Fussie Cat Premium Variety Pack

Fussie cat is another great brand, although it is slightly more expensive. Spend more on the food and less on the vet bills due to food-related problems! That’s our theory.

If you’re trying to present kitten with a mixture of flavors, a variety pack like this is ideal.

Since the brand doesn’t have a kitten-specific formula, they provide you with an average feeding guide based on a kitten’s weight. Use this to help you determine the proper amount of food to provide them with:

3. Nutro Soft Loaf Kitten Food

Nutro makes two kitten recipes: Chicken (this one) and Salmon.

It is another excellent grain-free wet food that is specially formulated for our mini feline friends. If you’re looking for a pâté that you can use as you present them to kibble, this is a great formula.

The smell isn’t too bad for you, the person who has to open it, either!