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Can Dog Eat Honey | What Are The Benefits For Dog

Can Dog Eat Honey? We have repeatedly heard the phrase: “Do not give sugar to the dog that goes blind !”. The truth is that this is a myth and an old legend that lacks reality and foundation.

A dog will be blind if it has a tendency to diabetes, as it happens to any human suffering from this disease. Following this way of thinking can make you deny your pet a very beneficial element for your health: honey.

Can Dog Eat Honey? Honey as food for your dog is it good?

This is a recurring question. There are people who give honey to their dogs without knowing if this is good or bad for them. Unfortunately, we tend to “anthropomorphize” that is: humanize things or animals. The pet food companies tend to get a lot of juice, publicly, from this vice: “Low cholesterol” “Low fat” “Rich in omega 3” Most of the time they are deceptions And what about honey?

Can Dog Eat Honey

The first thing I want to make clear is that there are no bad or toxic foods in nature. Paracelsus already said: Nothing is poison, everything is poison, the key is in the dose.

What is honey?

Honey is a carbohydrate produced by bees from the nectar of flowers. It is rich in vitamins, enzymes, bactericides, bacteriostats and other nutrients possess many properties: therapeutic, energetic, healing, against colds and other respiratory ailments.

Do dogs need honey?

Being strict, no. Dogs, like all carnivores, do not need carbohydrates in their diet. This does not mean that they are forbidden or that they are bad. On the contrary, little carbohydrates of different types do not hurt their diet.

Is it bad to give honey to a dog?

In essence, no. The problem is in a misuse of it and wants to make honey a regular food for a dog and that must be made very clear:

Honey is not bad for a dog but should not be a regular part of your diet

A problem with commercial honey

Unfortunately, the vast majority of commercial honey is extracted through heat instead of cold systems, and? because many of their properties are lost by that heat, come on, they are destroyed. What we get are pure carbohydrates, sugars and their properties, as mentioned above, have been lost.

So try to get some naturally made honey. Which will be very good to feed your dogs.

How will honey help your dog?

First, we would like to remind that Can Dog Eat Honey, This honey is an ingredient that contains glucose and fructose, so if your dog is diabetic, it is better to consult with a veterinarian before giving him a dose of this golden dish.

On the other hand, as we explained before, it provides extra energy, so if your dog is rather sedentary and his amount of exercise is very low, or even nil, it is better to limit the consumption of honey to the minimum.

Let’s see what are some benefits:

  1. Nutrient such as vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K. The vitamins play an important role in the body of your dog because it helps regenerate itself. On the other hand, they favor the functions of reproduction, eye, epidermal and metabolic, among others.
  2. Antioxidants contribution. During the normal functioning of the cells, they generate harmful molecules known as radicals that aim to destroy the cells.
  3. Antioxidants prevent this attack and neutralize the radicals.
  4. A contribution of minerals. These will help your dog to be healthy, both internally and externally.
  5. Help with allergies. Honey contains a very small amount of pollen. If you give your dog honey every day, the immune system will gradually accept the pollen and will not have exaggerated reactions when spring arrives.
  6. Overcome digestive problems. Because of its low acidity, honey is able to prevent the growth of many bacteria, including digestive bacteria. In addition, honey produces an enzyme that contains oxygenated water, which is also antibacterial.
  7. Burns and wounds. For the reasons discussed in the previous point, honey is an exceptional component to this problem.

Benefits Dog Eat Honey

Is it the same to give honey as sugar?

People confuse and believe that honey is only carbohydrates, sugars, Although they have been subjected to the above processes and have lost many of their nutrients in general terms if you have to ingest or want to sweeten something because honey is a much better option.

Honey as an energy source for a dog

The best energy source for carnivores, and therefore for dogs, are animal fats without a doubt. It can be a quick access energy source for specific situations such as a diabetic crisis.

But if we are thinking of it as an energetic source for hunting dogs or that they are going to carry out a lot of physical activity, the best thing is a diet based on natural, fresh and own products for a dog with medium to high levels of fat, the latter depends on the activity.


It is not bad for a dog to eat honey, but it should not be part of their usual diet.

I see it well as an occasional prize, a piece of bread smeared with honey, period. This is an excellent way to sweeten the lives of our dogs without abusing carbohydrates.

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