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Can Dogs Eat Cat Food? Side Effects and Risks

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food? You may think that the pet food is the same in the case of dogs and cats and the only thing that changes is the name. And although it may seem like a thing that should not make sense to stand up, it’s really a matter of care. Although it is not that the food is a poison for any of the two species, each food has substantial differences, which we will show you next.

Many people who have dogs and cats at home, for comfort or lack of information, often feed their pets with the same food. At first glance, it may only seem that there is a subtle difference in size and shape, but the components and the way these affect our best friends are diametrically opposed.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?? Is it is Good to Feed Cats Food to Dogs??

This is a question that many caregivers have at home with the two types of animals. The answer is that doing it, again and again, does not imply anything, however, that a dog shares the same diet, in the long term, is not correct and can be harmful to your health.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food

In appearance, cat food looks like dog food, but, in its content, it is not. In the same way, dogs and cats have different needs in many ways, especially at the nutritional level; and cat food is not made to care for and protect your type of organism.

Once the question has been answered, can dogs eat cat food? We invite you to read this new article by Dogsfud where we will expand the reasons why it is not good to give cat food to your dog.

Everyone with Their Food:

Try not to mix the two culinary worlds. Feed your dog with food designed for him, in this way, avoid any health problems. Remember that everything begins with our diet and that includes pets. Dogs love to pick up and look for food that does not belong to them, even if they have already been fed.

If you leave the cat’s food out in the open, the dog will find it difficult to resist, so he will go for it. To prevent this from happening, feed your pets in separate rooms, and even place your cat’s food at a height where your dog can not see or access it. Make sure each pet eats their own food.

Too many calories in Cats Food Might not be Good for Dogs:

The cat foods contain higher amounts of fat still very high in calories, and this is not good for the body of the dog. Animal nutrition specialists recommend at least 5% fat for dog food and 9% fat for cats (almost twice as much). This is a big difference.

Dogs Eat Cat Food

The greater the amount of fat, the greater the number of calories. Dogs that share the same diet as cats, in the long term, may suffer from obesity, caused by the incorrect intake of fatty foods. As well as suffering from stomach upsets, diarrhoea, and vomiting.

Our Friends Proteins:

Not only do cat foods contain more fat than dog foods, they also contain higher amounts of protein. By nature, cats are obligate carnivores. And their diet needs to be very rich in protein to cover an important part of their dietary needs.

On the other hand, dogs are omnivorous animals and the protein needs are much lower and that source of proteins does not have to be continuous and necessarily from animals. Cat food contains at least 26% protein, versus dog food that has 18% protein levels and that satisfies the basic nutritional needs of any dog.

Poor Nutrition For Your Dog:

The result of giving cat food to your dog is an inappropriate imbalance of vitamins and minerals , and in many cases, leads to nutritional deficiencies such as lack of zinc and vitamin E (essential for dogs) and in other cases, the inclusion excessive of unnecessary nutrients in a dog’s diet, such as taurine (very necessary for cats).

my dog will only eat cat food

These nutritional differences can affect the overall health of your dog for a lifetime. Also, the needs of dogs in terms of carbohydrates that provide energy are different from that of cats since they get their energy mainly from fats. Cat food lacks ingredients that provide the necessary carbohydrates for dogs.

Risks to the Health of  Your Dog:

Excesses are not good, and that symbolizes cat food for dogs, which can translate into diseases. Too much fat can affect a dog’s pancreas, affecting the efficiency of its digestion and producing pancreatitis.

The same goes for proteins, which can lead not only to obesity but also to overwork the kidneys and liver of your dog, creating unnecessary stress in these organs and lead to kidney or liver damage.

Maybe your dog likes your cat’s food because it has a lack of protein or fat in its diet. So consult your veterinarian to carry out the necessary analyzes and make the necessary adjustments because, in excess, the dogs cannot eat cat food.

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Final Words:

However, unlike cats, the dogs can lead relatively healthy lives if they feed exclusively on cat food, although not advisable. The density of calories, as well as high levels of protein and high doses of fat found in cat food, are not suitable for canine digestion.

Dogs fed cat food tend to be obese and develop degenerative diseases due to this condition. In addition, they present a greater affection to gastrointestinal diseases. Situations such as diarrhoea, vomiting and even pancreatitis – which can put at risk the life of your pet. This is some of the effects that food causes cats in them.

This can also happen in short periods of time if you feed your dog with cat food. If you also do it with kitten food, the consequences will be even more noticeable. Because this food has a greater volume of protein and fat.

But is my pet at risk for having accidentally eaten some other food? Do not worry, that will not happen, but do not encourage this habit in any of your pets. Because their health can be affected by consuming food that is not specifically formulated for them.

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