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Can Dogs Eat Pears? Are Pears Good for Dogs?

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Can Dogs Eat Pears: When owning a dog, it is important to rigorously select the foods to be incorporated into your diet in order to maximize the nutritional benefits and minimize the different risks. The pear is one of the fruits that you can give it as a treat. A healthy way to reward him or just make him happy.

Several fruits can be interesting treats for the dog. For Example Banana and Cherries. Contribute to canine health if used in moderation (and responsible). Is it is the same for pear as well? Keep in mind to check whether your dog can eat that item or not before giving it to him.

Can Dogs Eat Pears
Can Dogs Eat Pears

So in this article, We are here to provide you the complete information about can dogs eat pears or not. Each and every detail about pears for dogs have been mentioned clearly in this article. Keep reading the complete article…

Can Dogs Eat Pears?

The answer to the question can dogs eat pears is Yes, they can do it. As you will see below, pears are rich in vitamins and nutrients. If you do not give your dog too many pears in a single meal, your dog can benefit greatly from it. Give it in moderation only. Don’t feed or give too much…

Benefits of Pear for My Dog

Pears are excellent fruits offering many benefits and an ideal texture that dogs love. If you are looking for food to offer to your faithful companion, then pear is really a relatively safe fruit with little risk (as we will see below). Our dogs particularly like to eat them. The pear is composed of a plethora of nutrients contributing to the good development of the dog and the proper functioning of his body.

Are Pears Good For Dogs

These nutrients are as follows:

  • Vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, E, K),
  • Folic acid (for cell renewal),
  • Antioxidants (ideal for the immune system of your pet).

If you have chosen a home diet for your dog. You will be delighted to know that pear can be integrated perfectly. In addition to other foods, you will allow your dog to have a healthy life.

Risks of Pear for My Dog

As with all fruits with seeds or a kernel, it is essential to remove them before giving them to the dog. Concerning the pear, it is obviously glitches that you will not forget to withdraw. Indeed, these can be toxic for your dog. Outside of this point, there is no risk in giving your dog some pear as long as it is occasional.

Is the Pear Dangerous or Nutritious?

Not really! Although it must be prepared before offering it to your dog as explained above, it is a relatively safe food to offer. The pleasant texture will also make a nice occasional reward for your companion. Pears contain several nutrients like vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, and K in addition to offering antioxidants, folic acid, and other nutrients. It perfectly complements a home-made diet.

How Many Pears Can we Give to My Dog?

The treats should not be greater than the usual diet of the dog. Therefore, the pear should be given in small amounts. It does not replace meat, which is the favorite meal of canids. In addition, it is advisable to cut the pear in small slices. Thus, the dog can eat slowly at his own pace and will not take the risk of choking. Small dogs will have to settle for a few pieces. While larger dogs will be able to celebrate with more slices.

How Many Pears Can We Give To My Dog

When giving pear, people should be careful to watch the stool of their dog. Like all other recommended fruits, the pear can cause these dogs to have diarrhea. In this configuration, it will stop immediately ingestion of pear. Also, remember to always take fresh fruit and never offer fruit in syrup. These contain far too many sugars, which makes digestion almost impossible.

How Many Pears Can My Dog Eat?

Generally, it is recommended to limit treats to no more than 10% of your dog’s daily intake. For a small dog, it means that a few small slices will be enough. Moreover, not all canine stomachs digest the same way. Watch for his stool after offering this fruit to see if they keep a good consistency. In the case of diarrhea, stop giving it.

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What to Replace Pear for Dogs?

We each know many fruits and all more delicious than others. But if our human body allows us to assimilate most of them, it is not necessarily the same for dogs. All fruits should not be given to dogs. If you are looking for a way to diversify your treats, there are however some that will do the trick.

So your dog can eat mango, watermelon, raspberry, strawberry, pineapple or banana. Between vitamins, iron, and potassium the proposed nutrients are numerous and will perfectly make your companion happy.

What precautions should I take?

Avoid the fruits that are kept in the syrup! They contain too much sugar and can irritate your dog’s digestive system and lead to weight gain. Choose fresh and ripe fruits. It is also necessary to prepare the pear by removing all the seeds, the peduncle, and the leaves. The seeds contain cyanide which is toxic to the dog when consumed in large quantities. Besides, he could choke on those little parts.


Hence, You have got all the information about can dogs eat pears or not. Each and every important point on pears for dogs has been included in the article. we hope this article has solved your questions. Feel free to share the article with your friends and other dog owners at social networking sites. Stay tuned to Dogsfud for more dog related articles.

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