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Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes | Benefits and Dangers of Potatoes

Originally from South America, the potato has been cultivated by man for thousands of years; being one of the most cultivated foods in the world, along with corn, rice, and wheat. so Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes.

Potatoes, like aubergines and tomatoes, belong to the Solanaceae family. The fact that they belong to this family warns us of the risk that potatoes represent for our dog when they are raw or immature.

The immature potato plants (including the leaves, stem, and skin of the potato) contain a poisonous defensive substance called solanine.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes | Benefits

Solanine can have negative effects on your dog’s nervous system: blur your eyesight, cause digestive disorders and reduce your heart rate. If you can see something green on the skin of a potato, even a small part, keep it away from your dog.

Your Question: Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes??

Answer: Yes, it Can. But Pet owners should consult a veterinarian before feeding sweet potatoes to dogs, as too much vitamin A can cause bone problems and muscle weakness. Read the Complete Article to Know More.


When a potato is fully mature, you can offer your dog a peeled piece without any risk, but it will always be better to cook it. You should only give boiled, boiled or minced potatoes to your dogs on some occasions, and even, only in small quantities after having allowed them to cool.

A little potato, prepared without seasoning, offers our dog the same nutrients it offers to humans: energy carbohydrates, potassium to regulate blood pressure, B vitamins and vitamins C. However, given the small amount that a dog can eat, the benefits that you get are completely insignificant.

The way many of us enjoy potatoes is another matter.

Keep your dog away from crispy or fried potatoes, cooked with seasonings, spices, and aromas. As for frying oil, it is not healthy for dogs, and salt and other common seasonings can cause digestive disorders.

The same applies to butter, sour cream and cheeses that they put on potatoes, both in those already cooked and in those that still have to be peeled.


  1. Sweet potatoes do not belong to the Solanaceae family, but depending on the type of vine in which they grow, they may or may not be toxic to dogs.
  2. Raw and immature, it is highly recommended to prevent your dog from eating sweet potatoes. As in the case of normal potatoes, it is best to cook a sweet potato before giving a dog a piece. The preparation includes boiling, baking or any other type of cooking without condiments.
  3. In addition, dehydrated sweet potato slices can be a treat for your dog if they are given the correct amount.
  4. Sweet potatoes contain vitamins A, B, and C, which are good for both dogs and their owners. However, just like normal potatoes, sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrates. While these provide energy, our dog’s need for carbohydrates is more than satisfied with his regular food.
  5. Excessive intake of carbohydrates, especially when derived from plants, paves the way for obesity, pancreatitis, and diabetes in dogs.
  6. Too many vegetable fibers in a single meal put your dog in danger of digestive problems. In the same way that we like to eat potatoes, our favorite sweet potato recipes include different risk factors for our dog. This means that the famous grandmother’s sweet potato pie is out of the question when talking about her dog.

Benefits and Dangers of Potatoes:

They provide energy and are rich in starch. And contain high-quality proteins, even if they are of course in reduced quantities. And also contain potassium and are well tolerated by dogs but NEVER raw. They must be cooked a lot and given in small quantities and only occasionally.

Benefits and Dangers of Potatoes

Sowing green tubers that contain a highly toxic substance should be removed. This solanine, contained for example in potato peels, will irritate the digestive tract of the animal. And will have an action on the nervous plane. Note for every 30 grams of Green Potatoes feed to the dog. Poisoning is proven and can have serious health consequences.

Opt for Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of anti-oxidants, nutrients, and vitamins quality: vitamin C, B2, B6 and E, H and biotin among others. Also present are carotenoids to prevent cancer, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cataracts, aging … Sweet potatoes are also a good source of minerals such as manganese, folate, copper, iron…


Finally, You came to know the complete details about Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes?? Hope you got the answer. But before directly feeding your dog please consult a veterinarian and speak with your vet first. If your dog has a health condition such as diabetes. After Knowing only start feeding your dog with Sweet Potatoes.

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