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Dog Cancer Diet: Best Diet for Dogs with Cancer

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Dog Cancer Diet: Power plays a key role in the health of our dog. So it is an aspect that we must never neglect, adapting the menu to the needs of the dog in every moment of your life. It does not require the same amount of nutrients as a puppy, an adult dog or a pregnant female.

Of course, when a dog is sick, the proper diet for its pathology will be a key factor in maintaining its quality of life. Dogs with cancer should be treated with a lot of care and it is very important to know what food we should feed for our dog.

Dog Cancer Diet
Dog Cancer Diet

So in this article, we are going to focus on explaining the diet for dogs with cancer. Do not forget to check with your veterinarian for any change in your dog’s diet.

Feeding A Cancer Dog

To choose a correct diet for dogs with cancer, we must take into account some particularities such as the following

  • These dogs usually have the main problem of loss of appetite which if left unchecked can end in malnutrition. So a basic aspect for the preparation of your menu should be the palatability, so that motivates the dog to eat. In this sense, wet foods are more attractive than dry foods.
  • Some tumors can make feeding difficult, such as those lodged in the digestive system. We must take into account the inconveniences that can occur, as well as the side effects of chemotherapy, including vomiting which can be palliated with antiemetics.
  • We must also look at the consequences that are causing cancer in the body of our dog. Many times the important loss of muscular mass stands out, the reason why the feeding must contain a high energy density.
  • If the dog stops eating for several days, it will be necessary to feed him or we will even have to resort to a probe.
  • If the senses of smell and taste are altered, dogs can refuse food. This version can be solved by offering another diet, changing the feeding place or heating the food. If we check that the high temperature does not increase its version. In this case, we should offer it cold or at room temperature.
  • Dogs with cancer can also present cachexia, which is the simultaneous loss of muscle mass and fat. Food should try to mitigate the effects of this state.
  • It is recommended to distribute the ration in 2-3 times a day.
  • Finally, it is more important that the dog eat even an inadequate diet to stop eating a “perfect” menu.

Dog Cancer Diet

The croquettes for dogs with cancer may be the same that was consumed by the dog before getting sick. Because the nutritional needs are similar to those of healthy dog, the vet unless stated otherwise.

Diet for Dogs with Cancer

An example of the composition of the feed that we would choose as a diet for dogs with cancer would be the following:

  • High quality protein 30-40%.
  • Carbohydrates in less than 25%.
  • Fats between 25-40%.
  • Fiber less than 2.5%.
  • It can also be enriched with fatty acids (less than 5%) or arginine (less than 2.5%). [one]

Supplements for Dogs with Cancer

Within the diet for dogs with cancer, it may be interesting to add some supplements such as the following, always in agreement with the veterinarian. Since balanced food does not need supplements.

  • Fatty Acids: They will not increase survival but they are beneficial for the immune system and have no side effects. Highlights the omega 3, which are found in various oils and fish.
  • Amino Acids: We can mention taurine, present in fish, chicken or pork. The arginine and glutamine enhance the immune response.
  • Vitamins and Antioxidants: Fight free radicals. The flavonoids, present in mandarins, beet or soybeans, stand out. There is controversy about vitamins such as A, C or E since its protective effect could also be for tumor cells. Also, they are not recommended during chemotherapy.
  • Minerals: we can talk about selenium, with anticancer properties. We find it in meat, fish or soy.
  • Fiber like soy prevents colon cancer.
  • There are specific nutritional supplements for dogs with cancer that our veterinarian can inform us about.
  • There is no scientific evidence of the beneficial effects of garlic or shark cartilage.

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Homemade Diet for Dogs with Cancer

We can easily find homemade recipes for dogs with cancer but we must know that, if we want to follow them, we must follow a strict veterinary control. So that the nutritional quantities are adequate and do not aggravate the picture of our dog.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Therefore, the diet must always be individualized. Throughout the article, we have pointed out the most important aspects of feeding dogs with cancer that we can use to prepare a menu, especially for those dogs that reject commercial food. However, we must take into account some recommendations such as not offering raw meat. Since the immune system is weakened and infections could arise.

On the other hand, the information that can be found online about some supposedly beneficial foods for cancer patients is based on studies for humans and very few are specific for dogs. Therefore before preparing any menu, we must agree with the veterinarian. There are also no scientific claims that sodium bicarbonate for dogs with cancer cures it.


Hence, you got the complete information on how to feed a dog which has cancer and what is the best diet for dogs with cancer. We hope you like this article and willing to share the article at social media network with friends and families. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below. We will respond to your comment as soon as possible we see it. Stay tuned to dogsfud for more awesome articles.

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