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Dog Harness Size Guide

As I have mentioned before, the safety and comfort of your dog is of the utmost importance.

When choosing your harness you will be taking into account the breed, the size, how much hair he or she has, the body type, the personality and which type of harness they require.

If your dog is a flat faced breed such as a Pug (see Medium Sized Dogs in the guide) you will need to take into consideration the design needs to protect your loved one from excess pressure on the neck and chest. An easy walk harness is handy for a Dog that pulls and a front clip harness is best for bigger dogs. There certainly is a huge market for harnesses and many different designs.

So, when purchasing your harness one of the most important things to consider is getting the right size. If you are buying online and you are unsure of the size there are many adjustable harnesses that are available. There are many choices at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

Below you will find a few tips on sizing to help you in your choice.

Remember, snug and comfort fit

Very much like the collars a two finger snug fit is a good measure of comfort. Also, measure your pooch with a piece of string or a soft tape measure.

The GIRTH is measured as the widest part of your dog’s chest.


XX SMALL (Up to 2.5 Kg)

Common Breeds, Chihuahua and Teacup terrier

Girth 20 – 25 Cms

Recommeneded Lead Width 8 mm


X SMALL (2.5 – 5 Kg)


Common Breeds, Miniature Dachshund, Pomeranian Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle

Girth 23 – 40 Cms

Recommended Lead Width 10 mm


Julius K9 Review

SMALL (5-11 Kg)


Common Breeds, Pekingese, Miniature Schnauzer, Scottish Terrier, Pug

Girth 33 – 60 Cms

Recommeneded Lead Width 16 mm


MEDIUM (Up to 25 Kg)


Common Breeds, Border Collie, Beagle, English and French Bulldogs

Girth 45 – 75 Cms

Recommended Lead Width 19 mm

LARGE (Up to 35 Kg)


Common Breeds, Dalmation, Boxer, Labrador, Weimaraner, Golden Retriever

Girth 55 – 100 Cms

Recommended Lead Width 25 mm and 2 ply for extra strength


X-Large (35 Kg +)


Common Breeds, Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Great Dane

Girth 70 – 115 Cms

Recommended Lead Width 38 mm and 2 ply for extra strength



So just like Leads and Collars there is more to buying a Harness than just looking for the prettiest thing hanging in a pet shop. As always comfort and safety are paramount.

Please check out some of the best sellers from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and Not In The Dog House.

Not In The Dog HouseNot In The Dog House








If you have any comments or feedback please feel free to drop me a line.


6 thoughts on “Dog Harness Size Guide”

  1. Hi David! Nice straight forward layout. You’re right when you say comfort and safety are paramount in buying a dog collar. Of course, we love our dog and we have to treat them like a friend. Mine is a chowchow. What collar can you recommend?

    • Wow a Chow Chow, what a beautiful animal. I must say we don’t see many of these where I live, as it’s quite a hot climate and they have so much fur. Choosing the right collar is very important here as there is such a mass of fur around their necks. You don’t want to choose a collar where the hair can get caught up. Another thing to remember is that if it’s not tight enough due to excess hair your chow chow could slip his collar. Therefore for training purposes a harness is beneficial. However, the best all round collar for a Chow Chow is a rolled leather collar. This will alleviate the issue of damaging the fur around it’s neck.
      I hope this has helped.

  2. Great article about the harness… I researched harnesses before I brought Miss Diva home and bought a couple of harnesses because I knew she was going to grow fast. I found that a harness really creates a better means for leash walking your pup because you do not end the walk with your arm yanked out of its socket, for one thing!! LOL
    Again, great post – looking forward to more info…

    • Hi Colleen, thank you for your comments. The most important word you used was “researched” LOL. It’s amazing how many people just go out and buy the first collar and leash they see without even thinking about themselves or their dog. I’m glad you made the right choice for you both.

  3. Hi Dave. What a nice and informative website. I was glad to happen upon it. I was wondering do you have a recommendation for my 4 year old, 60 lbs Labradoodle?

    • Hey Brian, many thanks for your comment. I am slowly but surely building the website so there will be lots more helpful information hitting my site soon. Your family has an amazing pet in a Labradoodle. They are intelligent and extremely trainable and are used extensively in caring and supporting roles. I guess that’s why they make such pets. As for a collar, due to their long hair, I would recommend a rounded leather collar.
      I hope this helps.



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