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Why My Dog ​​is Losing Weight – Causes and Solutions

Dog Losing Weight: Sharing life with a dog means having great benefits and in addition, if we know how to take care of it and make it happy we will receive unconditional love from them.

For this, we will have to see if his character and/or physical appearance for any type of change.

Because it is an indicator that something is not right in his health.

One of the changes that can most alert us is the weight loss in dogs, which can be sudden or can be noticed little by little.

When our pet loses weight we should go to the veterinarian to make tests, detect the origin and find the best treatment.

Why My Dog ​​Is Losing Weight
Why My Dog ​​Is Losing Weight

we want to suggest you take good care of your dog.

In this article, you will find everything about why my dog is losing weight, the causes of losing weight in dogs, and the solutions to prevent it…

Causes of Weight Loss in Dogs

If you have noticed that your pet has lost weight in a short time and you see that you start to mark the ribs and/or spine, that your dog hip is very thin, your dog is very tired and have bad hair among other symptoms.

Causes for Weight Loss

Then without a doubt, you should go to the veterinarian who will have to do tests to find the source of this problem before there are more complications.

So, below we tell you what are the main causes of weight loss in dogs.

Gastrointestinal Disease

From inflammation of the intestines or food allergy to the presence of internal parasites can be reasons why your dog is thin.

This is one of the cases in which you may be thinking “my dog is very thin but eats well”.

Since they do not stop eating or even eat more when it comes to parasites.

What happens when one of these problems occurs is that the intestines fail to absorb nutrients well.

It will also be noted that the dog hurts the belly, the dog’s stools are inconsistent or you may even see some parasite in the stool.

Dental and Oral Problems

Pain in the mouth is a reason why a dog can stop eating or eat much less and lose weight.

Whether it is an excess plaque or if there is an abscess or a tooth has been broken.

The veterinarian will be the one to be able to say which is the best treatment for it and to recover weight.

Liver Diseases in Dogs

The liver helps to digest food well and absorb nutrients.

Therefore, if it is sick it can cause the dogs not to maintain their stable weight.

A change in skin coloration will be observed, reaching a yellowish tone, vomiting, and lethargy.

Renal Dysfunction

Another major cause of sudden weight loss in dogs is a failure of the kidneys.

In these cases, we will see a lot of vomiting, much thirst or polydipsia, lack of appetite and increased urination.

Therefore, if you think your dog is very skinny and does not want to eat, then he may be suffering from a kidney problem.

Diabetes and Hyperthyroidism

Diabetes in dogs causes increased thirst and urination, leg weakness, muscle loss, lethargy and weight loss in most cases.

In the case of hyperthyroidism or the increase in the production of thyroid hormones, weight and volume decrease diarrhea, vomiting, behavioral changes and hyperactivity in dogs are caused.

Stress in Dogs

Anxiety and stress in dogs affect not only the burning of energy but also in eating habits, causing the animal to lose weight.

Any change, small may cause this problem and you have to detect it and change it to reduce stress.

Infections in Dogs

Another reason why your pet can suddenly lose weight is an infection such as canine parvovirus and often have other symptoms such as cough, diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy.

Dogs Cancer

Some types of cancer can cause a severe lack of appetite and therefore weight loss starts in dogs.

If you notice that your dog does not want to eat, your dog loses weight and when it is barely active you can treat this problem.

How to Make My Malnourished Dog Fat

To fatten a malnourished or skinny dog, one must bear in mind what is the main cause of this problem and on the other hand, restructuring the diet based on the cause.

In each case, it will be vital to follow the instructions of the veterinarian regarding the treatment with medications or surgery that is required to help our pet.

How To Make My Malnourished Dog Fat

In addition, in the following sections, we give you some guidelines on nutrition and vitamins that will help you fatten your malnourished dog and recover his health more easily.

I think to make my dog fat

In order for your dog to gain weight, you will need to give it a diet that has a very complete nutritional value and takes into account all the needs of your dogs body.

Of course, provides lots of protein and lots of energy.

For this, if you ask what is the best feed to fatten my dog, we recommend to feed that is more complete or opt directly for puppies feed because they usually have nutrients indicated for growth, an increase of volume and stimulation of the organism.

In addition to these feed you can choose to buy feed for convalescent dogs, that is to say, that they are recovering from an illness or an operation.

These are usually of veterinary range, that is to say of great quality and designed for animals that need help to recover better so they have a high nutritional value both for proteins as for calories, vitamins, minerals, and so on.

Similarly, to fatten a malnourished dog, it will be very useful to supplement the diet with wet or canned food and with home-made dog food.

We advise you that canned food is also for convalescent dogs and not of low quality since it would not provide the number of nutrients necessary.

In that case, the homemade food to fatten your dog is cooked rice and chicken breasts and grilled turkey and all without added salt or spices.

Fatty Acids and Vitamins to Fatten Dogs

In addition to taking care of the food that we give to our dog, so that it gains weight we must also give it some vitamin supplements and fatty acids or “healthy fats” that will help it to better absorb the nutrients, improve the quality of its hair, its bones and the general functioning of the whole organism, allowing your dog to gain weight in a healthy way.

Some of the best supplements of fatty acids and vitamins for thin dogs are the following:

Omega 3

This essential fatty acid will help your dog to better absorb vitamins and other nutrients, improve your dog skin and hair and will improve the formation of tissues and the general functioning of the body.

You can feed them pieces of cooked salmon, give omega 3 capsules or fish oils like cod liver oil but all these products must be suitable for dogs to consume.

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Group B vitamins

This vitamin complex is important because it will stimulate your appetite and help your dog gain weight, especially vitamin B12.

You can give them these vitamins naturally by offering cow liver or chicken always cooked between 1 and 3 times a week.

Or you can give eggs, they contain a lot of vitamin B12 and other vitamins such as A, essential fatty acids and minerals much needed for your dog to gain weight.

Since your hairy is not healthy but has lost weight for some reason, it is not convenient to give him the raw egg.

We recommend that you give it a hard-boiled egg mixed with its feed.

Also, there are supplements with these vitamins that are suitable for dogs and according to that what the veterinarian indicates.

You can give your dog to recover earlier and better.


One of the best options is to give your pet a multivitamin complex that takes several and that in this way covers more needs that the body may have in this moment of weakness.

There are the formats in pills, capsules, and liquids but only the veterinary specialist can tell you which is the most suitable for your pet and in what quantities.

So these are some of the best nutrition which you can feed for your dog to gain weight and be healthy.


Finally, You got to know the reasons why your dog is losing weight and becoming thin.

It is always recommended to take the dog to vet and ask for the reason why dog losing weight.

He might give you a great and perfect solution.

By this article, we hope people know the causes for the weight loss in dogs and take some preventive steps.

Feel free to ask your questions and share the article with friends and families at social media networks.

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