Do Dogs Have Periods? Do Dogs Get Periods?

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Do dogs have periods? This question is a bit unknown, right? We should research on this topic for sure to take necessary actions. Don’t worry we should learn each and everything which you should get knowledge on.

general, we do not pay much attention to the reproductive system of a female unless she is pregnant. However, we obviously know that bitches carry puppies in their bellies and give birth to live children. This raises a pretty important question if you own an uncastrated woman: Do Dogs Get Periods?

Answers for all these questions will be answered in these articles. Just go through all the process and know whether Dogs also have Periods.

Do Dogs Have Periods As Humans Like:

Although dogs have reproductive organs similar to other mammals, including humans, dogs do not have periods in the same way that women have periods.

Do Dogs Have Periods

Do Dogs Have Periods

The main difference here is that dogs do not go through a 28-day menstrual cycle like human women. Rather, they go through what is known as an estrous cycle.

An estrous cycle in female dogs will last around 180 days and typically will occur first anywhere from 5 to 14 months depending on the size of the breed.

At the end of this cycle, a dog will get warm. When you are in this condition, which usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks, you will experience some unique physiological changes and identifiers, including some that may lead the owners to believe that she is menstruating as a human being would.

For example, your body will prepare for the transport of the offspring, which includes a fluctuation in estrogen levels, swelling of the vulva and vaginal discharge.

This color of this discharge will range from reddish brown to light pink, depending on what part of the heat cycle the dog is experiencing. The amount of discharge can be heavy, or it could be barely perceptible – it depends on the dog’s breed.

Is not this Download a Sign of Periods?

Do Dogs Get Periods?

The presence of bloody discharge of a dog can be interpreted initially as a period by the pet owners. While blood is present in the discharge, this secretion is different than the blood that is secreted by human females during the menstrual cycle. It also serves a different purpose.

Unlike menstruation, where blood originates from the uterus, blood that is part of a dog’s heat cycle is produced strictly by the vagina. This blood is also not part of any secretion mechanism; Rather, it is used as a signal for the beginning of fertility.

There is blood rich in nutrients that is produced by a dog’s reproductive system during the cycle. But that is absorbed back into a dog’s body once an egg goes unfertilized as opposed to being thrown out of the body.

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Other Signs To Keep In Mind During The Estrous Cycle:

Remember, your dog will want to mate when in the agony of the heat cycle. As such, you can expect to see some rather unusual behavior from her during this time. Some of these behaviors may seem like you have stepped back in the training department.

For example, your dog may urinate more often while she is in heat. You can also develop the habit of “marking” spots and objects around the house with urine. This is because her pee carries the hormones and pheromones that naturally signal to male dogs that she is in her reproductive state.

do dogs get periods

do dogs get periods

You can also find your performance a little less lady-like if you get it around male dogs.

For example, she can participate in some aggressive, playful behaviors, such as using her nose to push the male. She can also throw the subtlety right out the window and stick her butt in the chest of a male dog with its tail pushed aside. Regularly know how long do dog periods last from this article.

What is The Sterilization of Dogs & Its Importance

If you think that this cycle will gradually stop with your dog, think again. Another important difference between dogs and humans is that dogs do not enter menopause during their lifetime.

Even though the estrous cycle is designed in such a way that it will only be in heat about twice a year on average. Your reproductive system is designed to work well in its later years.

Because of this, it is imperative that you sterilize your dog if you do not have breeding plans. It is perfectly safe to sterilize a dog as early as six to eight weeks. And doing so will benefit your dog’s long-term health. As it will be less susceptible to certain cancers and other diseases.


It is really one of the best things you can do for your dog in the long term. Hope you understand the Information about Do Dogs Have Periods & do dogs get periods. For More information About dogs food go through here.


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