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Games to Play with Dogs

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Here we are in the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic and of course we are all worried, but, we must remember our pets, and how this can effect them. Even if you havn’t had to self isolate and stay indoors, you will have noticed by now that social distancing advice is having a massive impact on how we take care of our loved ones.

The best games for dogs

If we are spending more time indoors than usual, our dogs will get bored and can sometimes isolate themselves and become lonely. They will then turn to inventing their own entertainment. This can be very dangerous for your household furniture and pocket. They can turn to chewing and tearing inappropriate items like the sofa, clothing, bags and your prized slippers. Don’t ever think they are doing this for revenge as that’s not how they think. They are just restless. They don’t have any knowledge of the value of items.

Dogs need to have times of activity and to get their hearts racing. The important factor here is that we do too. If we are stuck inside our homes, the last thing we should be doing is spending all day lounging on the sofa watching TV. We and our dogs will end up turning into slobs, with half-eaten sofa’s, that we don’t fit on anymore !!!!

There are lots of easy solutions available in the form of dog puzzles and toys that will keep them entertained, and us as well. Just watching your dog try to work out how to get treats from obstacles can be hours of entertainment. Please remember, don’t over do it in the treat department, or you will just be making him fat.

If you have a look on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com you will find thousands of toys and puzzles for dogs. However, I have come up with my top 5 so please check them out here.

Trixie Dog Activity Move2Win

  • Sturdy, suitable for all dogs
  • Stimulates the mind, keeps dogs active for longer, helps with concentration
  • Easy to use, however dog may need to be guided and helped to begin with, use your best judgement as all dogs are different
Trixie Dog Activity Move2Win
Trixie Dog Activity Move2Win

Price: £17.99 reduced from £18.99 on Amazon.co.uk or $18.29 on Amazon.com

These toys / puzzles are to help your dog concentrate and learn new skills. By providing them with a strategy game you will be teaching them a whole new skill. It can take them some time to figure them out, but these will keep them entertained for far longer than regular toys.

Box Contains

Each order comes with 1 x Trixie Dog Activity Move2Win, 34 × 6 × 13 cm

Brain Games For Dogs

  • Comprehensive and helpful information
  • Handy to have for referencing and furthering your knowledge of your pet
  • Add to your library to increase your families knowledge of your pets
Brain Games For Dogs
Brain Games For Dogs

Price: £8.58 on Amazon.co.uk  or $14.82 on Amazon.com

Most dog owners would readily agree that it s important to keep pets physically fit and well-exercised for them to enjoy a good quality of life. But how many also think about what is going on inside their dogs heads? Bored dogs are notoriously prone to behavioural problems, such as exercise, barking, destructiveness and separation anxiety. As this fascinating book reveals, dogs also need mental stimulation to exercise their brains, boost their self-confidence and strengthen the bond that they enjoy with their human families. Brain Games For Dogs is a brilliantly conceived compendium of fun games, tricks and activities that you can enjoy with your dog that will help to stretch and challenge it mentally and allow it to enjoy a top quality workout for the mind. Illustrated throughout, with newly commissioned colour studio photography, Brain Games For Dogs emphasises the pleasure of working together with a dog to tackle new challenges and of using the power to play to stimulate and unlock your dog s full mental potential.

About the Author

Claire Arrowsmith was raised in the Highlands of Scotland with a range of domestic, farm and wild animals which fuelled her love of and interest in all animals, particularly cats and dogs. Claire is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and runs her own behavioural consultancy. She holds an Honours degree in Zoology and a Masters degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare. Claire has worked in animal rescue and with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. She is also the specialist behaviourist for Houndstar Films DVDs who produce cat, dog and small animal advisory DVDs. Claire features on the expert panel of Your Dog magazine providing answers to reader s questions and presents regular advisory talks and workshops about problem pets. She currently lives with her husband and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix dog, Sarnie.

Nina Ottosson Outward Hound Dog Twister Dog Puzzle Toy Dog Game

  • Advanced Dog Puzzle: Entertaining and engaging dog treat dispenser toy.
  • Boredom Burster: With 9 compartments and 9 locking switches
  • Slow down meal time to aid your dog’s digestion
  • Easy to clean
Dog Twister Dog Puzzle
Dog Twister Dog Puzzle

Price: £18.00 on Amazon.co.uk and $15.06 on Amazon.com

It’s fun. It feeds. It’s a challenge your dog needs! Nina Ottosson Treat Puzzle Games fight boredom, help reduce destructive behaviours & exercise your dog’s mind. It’s hide & seek with treats, and dogs love it.

Box Contains

Dog Twister Treat Dispensing Brain and Exercise Game for Dogs by Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottoson Dog Brick Treat Puzzle Dog Toy by Outward Hound

  • Flip, Find & Slide: 3 different treat feeding features
  • Boredom Buster: Puzzle’s treat compartments will keep your dog busy
  • Level 2 Challenge: Offers increased stimulation and learning options
  • Easy to clean
Dog Brick treat Puzzle
Dog Brick Treat Puzzle

Price: £17.30 reduced from £24.90 on Amazon.co.uk and $15.56 on Amazon.com

It’s fun. It feeds. It’s a challenge your dog needs! Nina Ottosson Treat Puzzle Games fight boredom, help reduce destructive behaviours & exercise your dog’s mind. It’s hide & seek with treats, and dogs love it.

Box Contains

Dog Brick Treat Dispensing Brain and Exercise Game for Dogs by Nina Ottosson

Brain Teasers for Dogs: Quick, very affordable and easy puzzle games to entertain dogs of all ages

Challenge your dog with fun games you can try at home.

Brain teasers for dogs
Brain Teasers For Dogs

For a well behaved and happy dog, mental stimulation is as important as the daily walk. In this book you will find many creative brain teasers that you can implement quickly and easily at home and that really challenge your dog.

Discover how much fun you can put into everyday objects and how small variations can turn even familiar games into a completely new gaming experience for your dog – endless fun is guaranteed!

Price: £8.99 reduced from £9.95 on Amazon.co.uk or $8.28 on Amazon.com

The Author

Christina Sondermann, is an expert in everyday play opportunities for dogs. Her Internet project www.spass-mit-hund.de is an inspiration to thousands of dog owners in Germany. Her main focus is on finding easy to implement, suitable for everyday use game ideas. These training methods are both dog and human friendly.


We all hope this Coronavirus goes away as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we will have difficult times, but let’s not let this effect how we live our lives with our furry friends. Respect them and give them the love and attention they need. I hope the above ideas help and I wish everyone to stay safe and take care of each other.

All the best



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