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How Often Should I Feed My Puppy?

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How Often Should I Feed My Puppy? All the people who decide to have a dog as a pet, ask themselves, frequently. How to feed it correctly? and it is not for less. Because it is common to hear all kinds of tips on canine feeding that comes from people, who do not really have the knowledge needed to give them.

In order to provide an adequate diet, you must take into account a number of factors that will help, together, establish a correct diet and provide the nutrients you need to meet all your needs.

How Often Should I Feed My Puppy

What race does the puppy belong to?

A chihuahua or a Pekingese will not have the same food needs as a farmer or a husky. So one of the main things that should be taken into account when establishing the type of feeding. For example, dog breeds a hypoglycemia when they do not eat with the proper frequency.

They should be fed with small dog food 4 to 5 times a day until they reach about 4 months of age. Which helps prevent who suffer from glucose problems when they are older.

On the other hand, certain large dog breeds can be swollen if they ingest large quantities of feed simultaneously. Which can be fatal, it is recommended to give small meals several times a day. That would help prevent this risk without depriving it of adequate nutrition.

 How old is the puppy?

It is not the same as a dog of only one month that one of four. It is important to know the age of the puppy to be able to establish the proper diet. From birth until they are approximately a month and a half or two months old, the mother will breastfeed the puppy whenever necessary, which will give her an adequate diet and a certain amount of antibodies to protect her from various diseases.

puppy feeding chart

From the month or month and a half of life. It is possible to start the transition from breast milk to puppy food progressively. Feeding it with small portions of this food moistened with warm water or with milk for puppies at least 3 times up to date.

The puppy will not move from one food to another quickly. Normally it will take a couple of weeks to completely get rid of the mother to feed.

And then, at two months of age when it is already common for most dogs to find each other eating dog food normally three to four times a day at 4 months the frequency can be reduced to two or three times a day. And after 6 months most dogs have enough with only two servings a day.

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How much Does the Dog Eat in Each Serving and How Active is it?

If the food is served to the dog. Then it will be for about 15 minutes until satisfied, with two meals a day on a regular basis is enough on the contrary. If the dog eats for a very short period of time because it is Distracted. And it is necessary to feed it about 3 times a day.

To ensure that you perceive all the calories and nutrients. It requires. And you can even simply leave the plate with food throughout the day to eat whenever you are hungry.

I Feed My Puppy

If the dog is very active and playful, especially if it is breeds or hunters. And it will be necessary to give a portion of extra food a day to prevent them to suffering from hypoglycemia. While if the dog is quiet and/or performs little activity during the day. The amount of food must be reduced to prevent them from suffering from obesity and heart problems.

During The Day The Dog Receives Cookies or Leftovers From People?

If the dog receives a certain amount of dog biscuits, treats or food for people. And the amount of food that is given during the day should be reduced to avoid overfeeding or ingesting an excessive amount of calories. However, it is advisable to avoid.

Completely giving leftovers of food to dogs and limit the number of sweets and cookies, not only to control their weight. But to avoid suffering from certain gastrointestinal or pancreatic diseases.

When to Give Food To Adult Dogs?

In most dog breeds, it is possible to start changing your puppy food for adult food from one year of age (which is when they reach maturity), however, large breeds and/or giant dogs eat adult food, up to a year and a half or two years or so.

To change the puppy food for adult food. They should begin to mix the two types of food little by little, starting with a larger proportion of food for puppies than for adults, until in one or two weeks it has completely changed to the food for adults

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