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How to Choose the Right Dog Bed

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Dogs are very active animals who love nothing more than running around, exploring, and playing, however, they still need a good old lie down and a safe place to rest their weary heads. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the right dog bed.

Dogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and so do Dog beds. It can be very confusing as the choice of materials, colours, shapes and sizes is incredible. You must therefore take into account many important factors. It’s also important to consider any health issues your loved one has, your Dog’s age, and your Dog’s personality.

Don’t forget to take into account any issues or needs you have. For instance, what is your price range? Will it match the furniture?

What Size Bed Should I Get?

This is very important, not only for your pocket, but most importantly for your Dog. Is your Dog fully grown?, if not, you will need to take into account how big he is going to get. You do not want to buy a small bed, and further on down the line, end up paying for a larger one because you misjudged his size.

If your Dog likes curling up to sleep, he may prefer a small bed with sides to curl up next to. However, what if he wants to stretch out?

It is therefore a great idea to take some time to watch your Dog sleeping. Take into account his way of sleeping, curling up, stretching out or a bit of both. Does he get hot or cold during the night? If he gets hot, then maybe he needs a larger bed so he can regulate his temperature.

Measure your Dog whilst he sleeps. If you measure from his nose to tail and then add another 20 – 30 Cms that will give you a good idea of space needed. Don’t forget if he’s a puppy you can buy a lot larger bed and fill it with blankets and toys until he grows into it.

What Type of Bed Should I get?

Dog beds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are waterproof, some are washable and some are not. There are those that can have their covers removed to wash or you can put the whole bed in the washing machine.

The best bed is one that is made from comfortable materials and easily washable. It must be easy to wash as you do not want to keep putting off washing the bed because it is a hassle. Remember, hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Take into account what environment your Dog will be in. If you are outdoors a lot then a waterproof bed is ideal to prevent damp getting to your loved one. Also, if it is outdoors it is likely to need to be more robust then one that sits on your bedroom floor.

Is it very drafty where you live ? If so, then a bed with sides is ideal as it well help keep your Dog warm and protect him from drafts.

Does your Dog have Special Needs?

When buying a new bed, you really must take into account whether your Dog has any health issues or special needs. Even if he hasn’t, you must take into consideration his age and the likeliness he likely to become less mobile.

Has he got arthritis? If so, you can purchase an Orthopaedic bed that help those with sore joints and arthritis. These are normally made from high-density foam that conforms to your Dog’s shape and offer support and comfort to ease his aches and pains. Remember to make sure you have a good cover on the bed as memory foam does tend to hold on to odour.

Is your dog old and incontinent? If so, a waterproof bed is a must. If not, you must ensure the bed you have has a waterproof cover.

If your Dog has sensitive skin or is prone to rashes etc you can even buy a Hypoallergenic bed. You can also get Hypoallergenic covers that you can stuff yourself with different materials to see which is the best for your Dog.

Where is the Best Place to put your Dog’s Bed?

The best place for your Dog is somewhere warm and draft free and away from the daily hustle and bustle. Your Dog is not that different from yourself, he will want to feel safe and secure and be able to have a quality forty winks.

You can also have more than one bed. For instance, you can place one where he can relax in and around the family and another where he can relax and go to sleep properly. I have friends who have trained their dogs to sleep on their beds in the kitchen near the boiler where it is nice and warm. They never go upstairs but that is the way they have been trained. Personally, we have beds for our two next to my wife’s grooming parlour so they can be near her all day. They then have heir own in the bedroom for when they want some quality time.


When you go online and see the array of beds available it can be a very confusing time. Just take into consideration everything I have mentioned and you won’t go wrong. Remember the most important thing, your loved one needs and enjoys sleep like the rest of us. Try to make sure whatever you buy will fulfill his needs.

Please see below my top five choices from Amazon.co.uk

Also check out the deals on Amazon.com. depending on where you live you can often get better deals with postage to the UK. If you are in the US then even better.

Any questions or tips please just drop me a line below.


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