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How to Use a Dog Whistle: A dog whistle is an effective training tool and is very useful for a variety of situations. Since dogs have a keen sense of hearing. Dog whistles are a great way to train dogs and they are able to hear it over long distances.

Owners of hunting dogs, rescue dogs or simply owners who want to teach their dog remote obedience commands can benefit from the positive results offered by the dog training whistle.

In this article, we will teach you how to use a whistle for dogs. The benefits they provide and which is the best for your dog. Just simply follow the complete article and check all the benefits and advantages of dog whistle.

History of the Whistle for Dogs

The device that we now commonly call dog whistle was tested the first time by humans. In 1876, by Sir Francis Galton, a curious genius in full faculties. I wanted to test the reach of the human ear and create with a small brass tube and a tongue the first whistle of ultrasound.

How to Use a Dog Whistle

In a study I conducted in 1883, Galton reported on the process and results of audiometry experiments with humans. Galton’s curiosity led him to repeat these experiments with different types of animals, including dogs. He reported that when he used the whistle with the dogs. All the small dogs would turn around, but the big ones would not.

How to Use a Dog Whistle And How it’s Works?

As Francis Galton observed in his studies at the end of the 19th century. The size of the dog is a fundamental factor for him to perceive sound correctly.

The human ear can hear sounds at frequencies up to 20 kHz. However, a dog, depending on size, race, and age, can hear sound frequencies between 40 kHz and 60 kHz. The sound of a whistle for dogs by ultrasound emits sounds that vary between 23 and 56 kHz.

The ultrasonic whistle for dogs is equally effective and works in the same way as the clicker and positive canine training, among others.

Benefits Provided by the Whistle to Train Dogs:

There are some obvious benefits to the whistle. A good whistle is heard over long distances beyond what people can scream. If you do not have a very powerful voice or you want to avoid sore throats when you are training your dog. The ultrasonic whistle for dogs is your best option (Which we explained below).

When you are training your dog, the tone of voice or strength in which you give is important for the dog to learn. A whistle always sounds the same, even when you blow hard or you have a cold, the consistency will help your dog learn correctly the basic commands for dogs.

Giving him a Good Walk

Dogs that have already been trained to respond to verbal commands or signals have less difficulty learning whistle commands.

Other Advantages:

  • The animal is not mistreated since the training is clean and motivating.
  • Avoid dog stress and promote training.
  • It is a great teaching method where the animal and the man have a good time.
  • Build a reciprocal link, based on the response and mutual respect.
  • Easy to handle and easy to learn.

What is the Best Dog Whistle?

I will recommend the whistle that I prefer and why, but remember that this is a matter of personal preference.

The main features you need in a dog whistle are:

  • Consistent sound: The sound should not vary too much when blowing at different times
  • It sounds good: Your dog should be able to hear the whistle clearly at distances of up to 200 meters.
  • Quality and rigid body: The whistle will fall more than once to the ground and you will step on it. That it can be washed.
  • Easily replaceable: If you lose it, and buy another. The sound has to be the same, you should not train your dog with a different tone. That you can appreciate the sound it emits.

If a whistle fits all these criteria, it will be beneficial for you and your dog.

What sound Frequency is the Best for a Dog? Dog Whistle Frequency.

I have used whistles with a sound frequency of 211.5 and 210.5, but the one that best suits my dogs is 211.5

The important thing is that the sound is constant, choose the frequency that best suits your dog.

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How to Train a Dog With a Whistle?

The different tones of sound produced by the canine whistle serve to give orders to the dog as it happens with verbal commands or signals with the hand. A dog that responds correctly to verbal commands or signals by hand, can adapt more quickly to the commands made by the whistle.

Train a Dog With a Whistle

To train your dog with the whistle, we will use the same technique we use for training dogs with a clicker.

The first thing you should do is condition the dog to the sound of the whistle as when loading the clicker:

  • For this, you should look for a quiet place where the dog can be calm and avoid distractions.
  • Have prizes in hand.
  • Take the whistle with your hand and the other the prize, blow the whistle and then a prize. Repeat this exercise for 10 or 15 minutes.

If you want to teach your dog to come with the whistle it is important that you do the exercise moving, increasing your distance from him. If you answer correctly to this exercise, then your dog has learned the exercise well and you can teach him other tricks.

Ultrasonic Whistle for Dogs

Dog whistles have been used for a long time. They are very effective in the education and training of our pets. Let’s see how to use an ultrasonic whistle for dogs to see if it works for us.


  • Training: Depending on the trainer, there are those who are very confident that the ultrasonic whistle is used in the education of the dog. However, other professionals prefer other types of techniques that they consider more effective.
  • Orders: For the dog to know what we are saying, we will have to always keep the same type of whistle for the same order.
  • Patience: In the training, it is always important to have patience, sometimes it is not easy to get our pet to follow orders quickly.

What you need to do is as simple as blowing and listening to the air that moves through the opening. This sound will be the only thing that our human ear can perceive. The one that actually effects the whistle can only be perceived by the dog. Whistles have different frequencies and not all dogs can hear them. So it is important that we adapt them to our pet. This is done by a screw, we will have to test it until we see that the dog reacts.

Whistle Training Tricks:

Teach the Dog to give the Leg:

This exercise is easy to do, just take the leg of your dog, blow the whistle for example with two “pi-pi” and then the prize. By repeating this exercise, it will be time for your dog to associate the sound of the whistle correctly.

Teach a Dog to Lie Down:

Put the whistle in your mouth, take the prize, show it to the dog and have it follow with your hand. Place your other hand on the back of the dog and press so that it feels, when your butt touches the ground blow the whistle three times “pi-pi-pi” and then give the prize. Repeat this exercise until you do not need to feel alone with the whistle.


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