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50 Dog Bloggers That Dog Lovers Would Like To Follow

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Some says the sooner winter comes, the more you need the one who could be warm enough to hug and cover your heart. That is so sweet, isn’t it? Sadly, someone like me haven’t found out the one who is ready to love me. But I already have my warm, furred puppy next to me and he loves to be love by me. For me, there is no need of saying you love your dog, but it might be a surprise how much we also love learning new and better ways to love our pets. What I am trying to say is that I am feeling happy when sitting with my puppy and reading many global blogs sharing their fun and happy life with their paw friends. It sounds like an interesting job, sifting through endless photos of adorable fluffy, feathery, and scaly critters, laughing at silly animals being ridiculous, and learning amazing stuff about the creatures who share our world and our homes. Reading those sites will be like the winter will no longer cold anymore. Let’s take a look of a list of popular dog bloggers I think you may be keen on.

1. Pawcurious



Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, or Dr. V for short, is the pet lifestyle expert and veterinarian behind the super popular pet blog Paw Curious. The educational blog, launched in 2009, covers pet health, cooking, healthy living and more and will answer all of your burning questions on pet care and make you laugh in the process. As one of the pet community’s favorites, Paw Curious has the perfect mix of funny and serious topics to keep even the most knowledgeable pet lover busy for hours. You will never be disappointed of how useful and informative things she posts at her blog that I believe every dog lover needs to know.

2. Montecristo Travels



If anyone tells you travelling with a dog can’t be done, point them in the direction of the Montecristo Travels blog! As long as you put yourself in the know, there’s no reason to leave your four-legged friend behind. This blog is not only showing the high-quality dog selfie life but also the beautiful landscape puppies had put their paws on it.

On every Saturday, the blog shares the locations pets friendly to visit, reviews on pet-friendly transportation and accommodations, and provides tips, tricks, and advice for pet travelling. From sailing to cycling, Montecristo Travels proves that anything is possible when it comes to pet-friendly travel experiences.

3. Keep The Tail Wagging



Established in 2011, Keep the Tail Wagging is one of the most accredited blog that many dog owners trust. On this blog, Kimberly Gauthier posts her lovely pet life with 6 puppies and currently she is raising 2 sets of littermates. She promotes for raw feeding and over 6,000 people have followed her way. Over the years, Kimberly have succeeded in clearing allergies, digestive issues and joint pain through our dogs’ diet, which includes natural supplements like Bonnie & Clyde Fish Oil, FullBucket Daily Canine Powder, Canine System Saver, and supplements by Natura Petz. She believe that our dogs ailments can be resolved through diet and supplementation and with the guidance of several holistic veterinarians that she has connected with. Check this blog and let your puppy experience the new lifestyle!

4. Carma Poodale



Carma Poodale is a daily adventure of a medical alert service dog, but she’s also a traveller, fashionista and treat connoisseur. If you’ve got kids and are thinking of getting a dog, the Carma Poodale blog is a great place to start your research. By day, the blog is an entertaining read as well as incredibly informative. You’ll find tips on the importance of spay and neuter, better pet parenting introducing children to dogs and much, much more. If you’ve got kids and are thinking of getting a dog, the Carma Poodale blog is a great place to start your research.

5. It’s Dog or Nothing



If you’re a dog parent who dotes on their furry companion, the It’s Dog or Nothing blog is ideal. You’ll find giveaways and reviews of the top brands, and resources for life with a happy, healthy dog. Kelsie McKenzie is the brains behind the blog and she was inspired by her love of giant breeds, particularly Great Pyrenees. She’s also a rescue volunteer and responsible pet guardianship advocate so she knows her stuff. Nearly 4,000 followers have subscribed and read her every day.

6. Ammo the Dachshund



Achieved several awards over the years, Ammo, the cute Dachshund dog, is living in Pennsylvania with his father and mother, Kylie and Mike. They run a studio custom frame and Ammo helps run her mom’s business as official store greeter. Ammo loves to “horse around” with the ponies – sometimes performing tricks with them in their acts. He also has a pretty sweet super hero costume! Do you think I am making a long line for my list? No, this is what many people think that it’s fun to see Ammo’s daily life. Besides of sharing tips of living with dog, Ammo’s parents also make us please with his cute and creative clothes. Not only you but many children and dog lovers loves Ammo’s blog.

7. Come Wag Along



If you are keen on Dog Fashion or care of your dog’s teeth, you must visit this site. Come Wag Along is a fun lifestyle/dog blog whose main focus is Simba, the adorable miniature schnauzer who you can’t help but love. Along with Simba, readers learn all about dog fashion, tips and other fun happenings in the dog world. With a little bit of everything when it comes to dogs, Come Wag Along is one dog blog you should read to stay on top of what’s going on in dog land.

8. Brisbane Dog Training



Over 20 years of dog training, Nicola Anderson is one of the foremost Australian experts on dog behavior. She has trained under Australia’s own ‘Dog Whisperer’ (where she won ’Rookie of the Year’) as well as studying with various other esteemed veterinary behaviourists. She has won multiple industry awards and speaks at many forums about dog behaviour to help veterinary nurses and other staff understand their clients’ needs with their dogs. The Dog Blog is her little corner of the digital world dedicated to helping dog owners and dog lovers care, train, help and enjoy their pets.

9. Wag the Dog UK



Started in 2012, Wag the Dog UK is a modern dog blog featuring pet-friendly travel tips, tasty dog food & treat recipes, and some howling advice and care. The site seems to be a diary of a wag dog, Maggie, with her mother, Trina who is a Canadian entrepreneur started and sold a bath and body company, and had had great success in many other business ventures. Besides of tips living and travelling with your puppies, Wag the Dog UK also gives you many recipes of homemade dog foods and treats. Additionally, Maggie and Trina share their focused reviews and sniffing out the best dog products around.

10. All Thing Dog Blog



Carrie Lee Johnson, the owner of All Things Dog Blog, happily shares offering tips, inspiration and lots of great ideas to readers that will make life easier and stress free. The objective of the blog is to help dog owners solve any training and behavior problems they have going on as well as preventing any new ones from cropping up. Carrie does all this while reminding pet owners to include fun and variety too. The methods concentrated on are time-proven methods that work. Many of the articles on All Things Dog Blog are related to solving behavior issues. Readers will find a lot of valuable information here.

11. Communi Canine



Darcie Jennings has provided a place for dog owners to come learn about methods that will turn their dogs into pleasant, integral members of the family. She is a professional dog trainer with a passion for learning as much as she can so she can be the best trainer she can. She passes on this knowledge to readers in the form of excellent, informative articles that the reader can really learn from. She teaches readers and dog owners that it is important to look at each dog individually to come up with the right training and behavior solutions for the dog specifically. Good site to follow!

12. Dog Behavior Blog



Another expert of dog behavior, Con Slobodchikoff, is the creator of the Dog Behavior Blog and Animal Communications, LTD, which specializes in educating dog owners about the behavior of animals. He shares his knowledge on his blog for readers and dog owners to learn from. The blog has been active since 2007 and is still going strong. Readers can discover things like if dogs have a language that makes communicating with them easier and many other things. If you’re looking for a blog where you can learn some great information, this is the blog to keep track of.

13. Dog Training Nation



Learn all about training dogs in the best, most effective way possible with Dog Training Nation Blog. Fanna Easter, a professional dog trainer with 22 years training experience fills the blog with helpful articles and information that will help readers become the best dog owners they can through learning the best training methods and advice. Topics that readers will learn about include what to do if your new puppy won’t walk on the leash to how to reward your dog with the ultimate dog training reward. There is a lot of excellent information here that will keep readers busy for a long time.

14. Canis Bonus



This blog, written by Laure-Anne Visele, was created to spread thought-provoking and fact based information on dogs. Her goal is to promote responsible dog ownership among her readers. She has a valuable talent of taking a technical subject and writing an article about it that readers can easily understand. Laure-Anne’s blog focuses on training, breedings, ethology and first aid for canines. Interestingly, the blog gives a space of reviews on dog books and it sounds useful for some newbies on living with dogs.

15. Eileen and Dogs



Eileen Anderson may not consider herself a professional dog trainer, but she has a passion and a knack for helping people understand how to get over a specific problem they may be having in understanding and executing training problems. The purpose of her blog is to help dog owners with their dogs’ behavior issues. By sharing her own experiences and stories, as well as providing tips, insight and information, readers can see a “in the trenches” viewpoint from someone who is working with their own dogs and that has years of experience and wants to share that with them.

16. Little Dog Tips



Little blog tips is a great blog with plenty to see and learn about dog training. The visually appealing blog has tons for the reader to browse through. Lindsey Pevny started Little Dog Tips blog as she was getting to know her little dog Matilda, a mini pincher Chihuahua mix. Her examples have always been dog trainers that follow the positive reinforcement method of training. Originally the blog was to document her escapades with Matilda as she taught her new tricks and trained her so she would be safe. As Lindsey learned more and more about training little dogs, she wanted to share her knowledge and tips with the world.

17. Dog Training With Kristi Benson Home



Not like the other sites combining normal articles, this blog seems to be a personal experience of living with dogs/ Kristi is a professional dog trainer with 10+ years experience and a graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers. On the pages of her blog, readers will find an array of valuable information on all aspects of dog behavior and training. If you are having behavior problems with your furry kid such as them stealing things, you’ll find tips and information in Kristi’s blog. Readers will have a lot to go through and learn from that will make returning to this blog often a benefit to their own relationship with their dogs.

18. Reward Based Dog Training



Fanny Gott is a professional dog trainer and Border collie breeder. She specializes in clicker training and dog sports. The blog is dedicated to fulfilling her goal of helping readers get the results they want to get in agility, obedience training and other dog sports as well. Fanny focuses on reward based training methods and teaching dog owners to have fun with their dogs while teaching them important skills. Fanny’s Clicker Dog Blog will provide readers with lots of articles and videos that will help them learn all about reward-based training methods and become more effective at training their own dogs properly and with lots of fun along the way.

19. Dog Training in Houston TX



If you’re looking for some great information on dog behavior, training, how dogs learn and much more, take a look at this blog. There is plenty to read here on Michael Baugh’s personal blog. He is a professional dog trainer that specializes in dog behavior related to fear and aggression. He’s been training dogs professionally and been a behavior consultant for dog owners since 1999 when he started North Coast Dogs. Readers will find a large selection of categories to choose from that he has organized by source and subject. Michael has worked hard to make the blog as reader friendly as possible. He even has videos available that are under the video section.

20. Puppy in Training



Colby Morita has a passion for training puppies that has been a part of his life for decades. He is the creator of Puppy in Training blog which is a fascinating account of his experiences training puppies for guide dog training. Readers will also get plenty of valuable information on how to train their own puppies in a way that makes them well behaved members of the family. This interesting blog has the answers to many common puppy training problems as well. In 2010 Colby started Puppy in Training TV which is a series of videos. The blog tries to update 2-3 times a week so readers should definitely return often to see what new gems have been added.

21. Smart Dog University



Laurie Luck is passionate about dogs and helping families work with their dogs to become integral members of the family. Her articles are helpful and informative. She offers readers a newsletter that provides subscribers with top tips on raising a playful pup that is pleasant to be around. The reader has access to tons of articles on this blog on an array of topics from clicker training to health. The reader will find a lot to love about this great blog that is written by someone who has dedicated her life to everything dog.

22. The Good Dog Life Blog



Readers will benefit and enjoy all the helpful information that Sean O’Shea, Creator of The Good Life Dog Blog provides on the pages of this dog training blog. His dog training journey started 12 years ago with his own two dogs that were quite challenging. Due to those challenges, he embarked on a self-study that resulted in him becoming the go to person for dealing with dog aggression and dominant dog issues. He shares his extensive knowledge and tried and true tips and advice with his readers. There are archives that run from 2012 to 2016 and he is still posting current articles that are designed to help dog owners understand and training their dogs by giving them what they need. Articles include a large array of topics that will help the dog owning reader develop a relationship with their dogs that translates into a harmonious and happy existence together.

23. Dog Training & Behavior



Joan Mayer created the Inquisitive Canine in 2005. She is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant that has a passion for empowering dog owners with the education and means to have a great relationship with their dogs. That is what this blog is about. Readers will find information on topics ranging from preparing your dog for 4th of July to upcycling leftovers into high value dog treats for your beloved friend. There is a ton of information that the reader can use to better their relationships with their own beloved fur babies.

24. The Modern Dog Trainer



Dog trainer, Ines Gaschot, is the name and face behind The Modern Dog Trainer blog. The mission that the Modern Dog Trainer has is to help dog trainers grow their businesses by using modern business practices that work well with dog training blogs. Her purpose is to help the dog training business owner have the best business they can for their clients and themselves. This is accomplished by teaching dog trainers the most up to date information on dog training and business ownership that a dog trainer can find. This blog is for anyone who has or is considering a dog training business.

25. The Other End of The Leash



Dog owners will find a lot to enjoy and benefit from on the pages of Patricia McConnell who has been working with and studying dogs for over 25 years. Readers will find informative and helpful articles on many different topics pertaining to dog behavior and training that will help the reader understand and work with their own pet better. Patricia’s passion for dogs and her mission to help dog owners is very evident in the many ways that she offers readers her knowledge and experience. She encourages blog interaction through comments and responds back as she can. She offers a newsletter to readers as well.

26. San Francisco Dog Trainer



Read lots of valuable information on training and behavior from Beverly Ulbrich, dog trainer, blogger and much more. Readers will enjoy lots of tips, strategies and advice for a multitude of dog training issues and behavior problems. Not only will she provide training tips, she helps the dog owner learn how to teach their dogs which is one of the most common training problems that dog owners face. There are also stories of Beverly’s clients that can inspire readers to work with their dogs rather than give up and get rid of them. Beverly assures readers that it doesn’t matter how big the issue, there are methods and advice that will help.

27. USA Dog Behavior



Scott Sheaffer has spent his whole life training dogs. He teaches and works with professionals in the dog industry, helping them understand how to train the dogs they are working with. He is an author and speaker as well as many other important positions in the dog training industry. Readers will find a lot of interesting and helpful information on Scott’s blog that can help them understand their furry family member much better. His experience in animal behavior helps him communicate with animals in a way that helps the relationship and bond between dog and owner. It’s that experience that allows him to teach others to effectively work with their dogs.

28. BlogPaws



BlogPaws is an inclusive, global community of pet enthusiasts who write about and support pets via social media. It connects brands with pet parents and pet parents with each other, 24/7/365. Founded in 2009 by three dedicated pet lovers and bloggers, BlogPaws grew out of the need for a focus on excellence in social media, and a devotion to helping pets in need. In less than 5 years, the blog continues to focus our attention on providing education, being a trusted resource to pet parents everywhere, and sharing the reality of life with pets. In 2012, Blog Paws became a proud member of the Pet360 family of sites, dedicated to Pet Parenting. Simplified.

29. Tales and Tails



A women living in Midwest with her family including two Greyhounds and two German Shepherds. The blog is the unique with interesting daily news of her family life with those canine companions. Also, Tale and Tails shares their stories of dog therapy which dogs should experience and the owner may feel in that such situation. Started in 2015, the blog raised its credits and many people had followed them. Many dogs trained and rescued by inspiration from the blog’s owner. This blog is for anyone who has or is considering a dog training life.

30. Kol’s Notes



You are the dog lover who like to make DIY crafts for your puppies? You can’t miss that blog. With 4 hilarious and creative blogger, whether you’re looking for a tasty dog treat recipe, a fun & functional craft or dog-friendly home care tips, the DIY Dog can help. We’ve got the best tips on how to do everything from baking a doggy birthday cake to making a foot rest that hides your dog toys to all natural, dog friendly cleaning tips. Get Kol’s Notes on how to live your best life, doggystyle.

31. Gardening with Wyatt



Love Gardening? Love Airedale terriers? This blog is just for you. You can’t find any tips of dog training or treats here. It’s just a simple daily visual story of Wyatt, and his friend, Tegan with their owner. The site updates continuously their activities and shows how happy life they have. With his mom and dad, Wyatt runs a gardening business called Aireland. You will realize how it is the same with your pet life and those picture on the sites will definitely cheer you up whenever you need. If you are looking for the simple story and not over-exhibition site, just check this spot out.

32. Dog Milk



From dog fashion to dog craft making, it is the bunch of surprise in Dog Milk. It is a website dedicated to modern dog design, inspired by Jaime Derringer’s love for her two modern pets, Lulu and Beans. She felt that there needed to be a place where modern dog lovers can discover new products and sniff out what’s beyond the chain pet stores. Whether an innovative pet feeder, cool dog tee, or modern dog bed, Dog Milk strives to bring you the most cutting edge and modern design for your very best friend. If you’re looking for something different for your dog then check out Dog Milk.

33. The Daily Puppy



The Daily Puppy is the source for cute puppy pictures, videos, articles and supplies. Browse pictures of the puppy of the day, create a profile for you and your puppy and connect with other puppy parents. There are tons of cool things on The Daily Puppy website including great puppy training information in their blog archives. There were a couple things we thought were uber cool including the little calendar widget int the sidebar that had a small thumbnail of each pup of the day. The second thing that really stood out to us (besides the adorable pup pics) was the Puppy Showdown where it’s up to you to vote for the cutest puppy in a head to head battle

34. Pepi Smart Dog



At 18 years old, after an unexpected reaction to a medicine, Pepi The Smart Dog crossed over the Rainbow Bridge September 16th, 2009. Prior to that I was the Official Poster Boy for The Animal Welfare League, Queensland, and Australia. He was already a Celebrity dog, appearing in newspapers and magazines, showing how great us Golden Oldies really are. The blog is full of his cheerful life. Also, he is known for stylish outfits, just ask him and he would be your Personal Fashion Consultant.

35. Go Pet Friendly



An amazing little business and blog. It has loads of respect for this crew: an RV, the open road, with dogs and a cat! It’s all very bohemian and gypsy living and you will love it. They are doing on land in the US what we want to do on water in the Med. They collected information on hotels and campgrounds – including detailed pet policies. They sniffed out pet friendly restaurants, and wineries, and dog parks, and beaches … where pets could romp with their people. They even tracked down veterinarians, pet supply stores, doggy day care, and pet sitters, in case someone needed them when they were away from home. Some dog loves travelling, why don’t you read that site and start your journey with your little puppies?

36. The Rambles



This blog is not entirely dedicated to travel with a canine; rather, it’s more about working as you travel – how to do it and the adventures and perils that come with that lifestyle choice. However, there are some gems on the subject of canine travel peppered throughout this blog. Gigi is witty and fun and her little dog, Luna, is one of the only dogs we know who has flown more than myself between Europe and North America. Luna travels full time and is a trail blazer! We do hope to work with them in the future. We hope to get to share a meal someday. It will happen. It will be amazing. It will be epic.

37. Pet Travel



If you want to know what papers and vaccines you will need to enter a country with your dog, this is where you go. You will find the site to be accurate. Pet Travel have over 35,000 pet friendly hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals as well as businesses that service the pet industry in the database. Pet owners who travel worldwide with their pet can find pet import rules for traveling to over 240 countries on Pet Travel. If your trip involves air travel, our airline pet policies cover every major airline that we can find. Need information on traveling with a pet? Loads of pet travel articles will provide all the information that you need for your trip, and some useful at-home information as well.

38. My Brown Newfies



My Brown Newfies is a pet and lifestyle blog that touches on a variety of topics, including pet health, products, and holistic medicine. The blog stars are Sherman and Leroy, and they’re often the subject of beautiful photos taken by their mom, Jen, who is a veterinary assistant. My Brown Newfies is an all-around fun blog that is nice to look at with all those pretty pictures, easy to navigate, and the posts are entertaining. With 3 or 4 new posts each week, it’s a blog that keeps readers coming back for more. I highly recommend checking it out.

39. Pawsitively Pets



Pawsitively Pets is a great blog written by Ann, a former vet tech. She’s mom to two 2-legged girls, a 10 year old Pit Bull, a cat, goldfish, and even a rat named Nibblet. Ann writes about various pet care topics, as well as fun stuff like product reviews and giveaways. There’s always something fun going on at Pawsitively Pets. This blog is tidy and well-organized, fun to read, and Ann publishes new content almost every day. She engages with her readers, making her blog an enjoyable experience and an absolute favorite read for me.

40. Fidose of Reality



Fidose of Reality is one of my favorite pet blogs because it covers so many topics, so thoroughly: dog health, dog lifestyle, traveling with dogs, dog products, and so much more. The blog is written by Carol, who writes with confidence and humor, and she draws the reader in, no matter what the topic is. This is a blog that’s well designed and organized, easy to read, and Carol, who is on staff at BlogPaws, is very interactive with her readers and posts new content on a regular basis. There’s lots to be learned from this one, and I highly recommend adding it to your daily reading list in 2016.

41. The Lazy Pit Bull



The Lazy Pit Bull was established in 2012. This is a pet-centric lifestyle blog on a mission to bring our readers the best in fabulous pet-friendly living. The blog features reviews and giveaways of the very best pet brands, recipes for healthy homemade treats, fun and simple DIY projects, and inspiration and ideas for pet-friendly living with your 4-legged companions. The blog is proponents of responsible pet ownership, shelter and rescue adoption, and spaying and neutering. It speaks out against puppy mills, dog fighting, and BSL (breed specific legislation).

42. Heart Like a Dog



Heart like a Dog run by Jodi. Along the way she discovered a really great community of people who love and care about animals. She is constantly learning new things, new ways of doing things and some really great causes that this great group of bloggers have turned her on to. Living with her husband and two lovely dogs, Jodi is still making the good, the bad, and the “oh my god” of her pet life.

43. You Did What With Your Weiner



Another travelling blog with pet, You Did What With Your Weiner is awarded for Best blog design of Blog Paws. The blog features the owner and my two adventurous Dachshunds, Chester and Gretel. They love hiking, paddle-boarding, camping, traveling, staying healthy, and enjoying life. The site is surprised us with many failed stereotypes like only big dogs need a lot of exercise, Small dogs belong on a lap, not at the top of a mountain. If you aren’t sure of what you want to try with your puppies, the site would help you a lot.

44. Puppy Leaks



Jen is a freelance writer and blogger which is living in the metro Detroit area with her Shepherd mix Laika. Four years ago, Laika came into Jen’s life. She was unlike any dog she’d owned before; Laika was a resource guarder, had some issues with reactivity, and lacked confidence. This blog was started as a way to share what Jen has learned about dog behavior over the past few years, but it’s become so much more. To many of us, dogs are more than just “a dog;” they’re our loyal companions. Jen believes that dogs really are a man’s best friend, and Puppy Leaks is her way to show my appreciation.

45. Deaf Dog Rock



Can you image that your dog is a deaf one? If you aren’t, you should visit this site. Deaf Dogs Rock – it all started with an abandoned deaf boxer pup named Nitro. The mission of Deaf Dogs Rock is to promote the care and well-being of deaf dogs. This charitable and educational purpose is done through the education of the public regarding the adoption, care, and training of deaf dogs, and through financial support of the shelter, medical, and transportation needs of deaf dogs. Additionally, Deaf Dogs Rock is a national resource for information serving perspective and current deaf dog owners, and the shelters and rescues that have deaf dogs available for adoption.

46. Upside Down Dogs



No more articles or any tips you may feel bored. Let’s try another way of loving dog. Upside Down Dogs brings you to the most popular pictures-of-upside-down-dogs websites on the net! You may have heard about this blog at Readers Digest, Mashable.com, CBS news, the Graham Norton show, Neatormama.com, BoingBoing.net, Yahoo Buzz, LA Times, Comedy Central, .Net Magazine, telegraph.co.uk or you may have found as at Digg, Twitter, Technorati, Reddit or any of the other social bookmarking sites. At either rate, thanks for visiting! The site is slowly revamping and is made it more user friendly. It just have now moved from tumblr over to wordpress. There are hundreds of pictures to move so, give it some time and a beautiful puppy website will open in front of your eyes.

47. Famous Chihuahua



It would be missed if the list doesn’t have a Chihuahua blog. Famous Chihuahua is the site that people can contribute their stories with your pet, especially for Chihuahua’s owner. Chihuahuas are the smallest of the dog breed and within these precious little creatures lies the biggest hearts known to mankind. Teaka, the cute Chihuahua, is flawless, a symbol of hope and has been there for me through some very challenging life events. It is not only a privilege, but a source of great joy to be able to share in the happiness of others by featuring their chihuahuas. Every chihuahua is unique and special in their own way and deserves a famous chihuahua dog shirt.

48. Pretty Fluffy



Want to know how to make healthy dog treats? Get training tips from the experts? Pretty Fluffy offers all to you. The team works only with the best brands, pet photographers and dog experts in the industry, providing inspirational content for dog lovers and owners around the globe. Since very first post Pretty Fluffy has become the place to visit for discerning dog owners, featured internationally in publications such as Modern Dog Magazine, Cesars Way, and Dogs Life Magazine. Here you’ll find everything from the most wanted new products, chic DIY projects, pet-friendly home tours, product reviews and behind the scenes glimpses into your favourite pet brands. The blog also feature the most unique, style centric and up-to-date content, creating original features designed to make life with your dog sweeter and easier.

49. Natural Dog Training



This extensive blog has a large selection of articles that will appeal to the dog lover/reader that wants to further their education. The term natural dog training involves identifying what the dogs want and how to get the dog and dog owner synchronized so they work together like a perfectly matched team. With all of the informative articles on this blog, readers can sit down and spend a lot of time learning about effective and gentle training methods that make the dog stronger and happier. There is also a forum on the site in case the reader wants to get even more involved in the dog training community.

50. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Lewis loves animals and with the help of his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Toffee (and the occasional appearance from his cat, Fudge) he has created The Ultimate Resource for Spaniel Dog Owners. Aiming to ensure every breed of Spaniel Dog has a great start to life and continues to grow up to be happy and healthy. This informative website provides a host of detailed information about all types of Spaniel Breeds. Packed with helpful tips and buyer’s guides, this really is an excellent resource for any Dog owner.

51. Doggie Designer – Dog Breeds, Food, Names & Gear



Our mission is to create a better world for dogs and their owners.We do this by bringing you the very best dog-care resources so that you can better care for your four-legged friends. After all, we truly believe that man’s best friends deserve the best treatment!We do our best to cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Dog Health
  • Breed profiles
  • Dog food, diets & nutrition
  • Training guides & tips
  • Comparison of dog gear
  • Grooming guides & advice
  • … and a lot more!

52. Golden Retriever Training, Health and Care



The aim of www.TotallyGoldens.com is to provide instruction, insights and tips on keeping Golden Retrievers as pets. We will provide information on the breed as a whole, training processes, health issues, general care, product recommendations and everything you need for a fulfilling life and relationship with your pet Golden Retriever.And above all, the advice given will have an emphasis on gentle and positive techniques so the relationship between you and your Golden can be as stress-free and fun as possible.

Dog Bloggers

It’s been very difficult narrowing my list down to come up with the number 1 dog blog and this list shows some of our very favorite dog blogs that we’ve been reading for the past 5+ years. Of course as usual you can see that we have quite a variety from the cutest of puppy pictures to one man (or dog) blogs to the super mega humongous audience blogs that even have printed magazines. I hope you’re enjoying this series of 50 dog blogs. Let’s share with us your experience of reading things on their blog. I’d love to read and talk to you!

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