10 Best Dog Beds 2020

What characteristics should you look for when shopping for a dog bed?

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One thing we can tell you is to avoid the cheap, low-quality options that usually fill the grocery store and pet store shelves. Opt for something that will last!

You’d be surprised how long a dog bed can last if you take good care of it and if you’re lucky enough to have a dog that doesn’t destroy everything in sight.

Join us as we highlight the best dog beds in our guide below.

Choosing the Right Dog Beds

Here are a few handy tips and suggestions that will help you choose the right bed:

  • Chewing. If you have a dog that chews and shreds everything in sight, why spend a ton of money on something they’ll destroy?

If your dog or puppy tends to chew and gnaw on furnishings or their beds, then opt for something decent in quality but not too expensive. Puppies will most likely grow out of the bed anyways, so it’s worth it to wait and spend more on their adult bed.

  • Washing. How easy is the bed to wash?

Regular cleaning is important, so it’s nice to find a bed that you can pop in the washing machine and one that’s easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Size. Finding the right size can sometimes present a problem.

Make sure you know the measurements of the inside of the bed (from one border to the other if it has sides) and make sure it is as long as or slightly longer than your dog from neck to rear.

Flat beds should be longer than your dog when it is lying down on its side.

Top 10 Dog Beds Table

PictureNameSizesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameSizesPriceRating (1-5)
1. OxGord Pet Bed for Cat and DogS M L$4.7
2. Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed24-inch 32-inch 40-inch 52-inch$$$$4.5
3. Coolaroo Elevated Pet BedS M L$$4.4
4. MidWest Paw Print Reversible Fleece Stuffed Bed18-inch 22-inch 24-inch 30-inch 36-inch 42-inch 48-inch 52-inch 54-inch$4.4
5. Modern Chic Trellis Cat or Dog BedS M L (see dimensions)$$$4.4
6. Aspen Pet Round Bed Animal Print18-inch$4.4
7. K&H Manufacturing Original Pet CotM L$$$4.3
8. MidWest Quiet Time Fashion Pet Bed18-inch 22-inch 24-inch 30-inch 36-inch 42-inch 48-inch 54-inch$4.1
9. Dog Bed King Pet Bed. Made In The USA.20-inch 27-inch 33-inch 42-inch$$$$4.1
10. FurHaven NAP Pet BedS M L Jumbo$$4.0

Types of Beds

There are so many variations of the dog bed out there! Here are some of the most common ones and which dogs they’re suited for:

  • Elevated. These are great outdoor beds for dogs of all sizes. Being elevated, the air can easily flow on all sides of the dog and keep him cool in warmer weather.

This is especially true for dogs with thicker fur!

  • Flat (No Sides). If you have a large or giant breed dog, then chances are they’ll go for a flat, open bed with no sides.

Make sure it’s thick and dense so the weight of their body won’t flatten it down to the floor. Look for something that’s not too soft and not too firm. In the middle!

  • Nester. Nest beds have sides and come in a variety of shapes. Some are round, oval or rectangular, however the shape doesn’t make too much of a difference. What you want to be sure of is that the bed is easy to disassemble, wash, put back together and that it is made of durable materials.
  • Covered. If your dogs like to “hibernate” into their bedding, then a covered bed is ideal for you.

Typically, these are more common for smaller dogs with less hair because they seek out a place (like a cave) that will provide them with more warmth.

Senior Dogs

Make sure you choose something appropriate for your senior dog! It may be a challenge for some older dogs to lift themselves into a bed that’s high off the ground, so if you notice that your senior has been struggling to get into bed, look for something lower to the ground that is more easily accessible to them.

Top 5 Best Dog Beds Reviews

1. OxGord Pet Bed

OxGord has a popular bed choice for many dog owners, especially for those who need something that will fit in the dog crate.

It’s a rectangular nester bed that allows your dog to curl up and snuggle into a ball when it’s time to sleep. The sides of the bumpers can either be covered in synthetic sheep fur or a synthetic plush fur, both easy to machine wash. You can actually pop the whole bed in the washing machine if your machine is large enough.

It has plenty of cushioning to provide your dog with a comfortable surface to rest on and it’s hard to beat the level of quality in this price range!

2. Majestic Pet Suede Bagel

If you and your dog like bagels, then you’ll love this suede-covered bagel bed from Majestic Pet.

It comes in five different colors, four different sizes and their sizing and weight chart will help you find the right size for your dog.

It has a heavy-duty base that is covered in a 300/600 Denier canvas to prevent wear and tear as it gets moved around the floor. You can remove the cover and machine wash it, too, but don’t throw it in the dryer as this could ruin the cover. Let it air dry instead!

This is a fluffy bed with medium support. If your dog likes something soft to sleep on, then try this bagel!

3. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

For thick-furred dogs or for those who want something that their dog can relax on in the warmer months, it’s hard to beat the Coolaroo Elevated pet bed.

It comes in three sizes, but remember that it does have a weight limit. If you have a heavy dog or a giant breed dog (anything over 100 pounds), then you’ll need to opt for something else.

If you’re skeptical about a bed like this, just read the reviews! Dogs, even those who approach the bed skeptically at first, are quick to realize what a comfortable bed it is.

Feel free to add on a cushion in the cooler weather to make it a year-round bed.

4. MidWest Paw Print Reversible Fleece

If you’re in need of a simple crate matt, then MidWest has a great reversible one that you can use year-round.

It’s great to set on the sofa or a favorite chair when you want to keep the dog hair and dirt from clinging to everything or just for daytime napping and lounging around the house.

If you have a puppy, then this might be a good starter bed. There isn’t much support on the sides, but some dogs like sleeping on flat surfaces and since this has both a summer and winter side, you can use it all year round.

Easy to wash and not overly fluffy.

5. Modern Chic Trellis Cat or Dog 

Since we know that some of you owners want something that’s comfortable for your dog but that isn’t such an eye sore for your décor, the Pet Trendy has a variety of colors and patterns you’ll love.

It’s a nest bed with large, thick bumpers on the side that your dog can rest its head on.

The material, apart from being nice to look at, is actually pretty strong and resistant to light chewing. You can disassemble it, throw it in the washing machine and then toss it in the dryer.

Easy to clean, pretty, and although it does cost a bit more than some of the other beds, it will last if you and your dog take good care or it!

The best dog bed in terms of quality and looks!