6 Best Dog Foods for French Bulldogs 2020

There are many ways that we can approach the dog food conversation and many ways that we can disagree about what to feed our furry friends, but the question remains: What should I feed my Frenchie?

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Understanding that everyone has different ideas and opinions about doggy diet, we know that our list of the best dog food for French bulldogs won’t work for everyone.

We do, however, understand a bit about dog nutrition and the Frenchie breed, which is why we can help you!

How to Choose Dog Foods for French Bulldogs

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a good dog food, no matter what the breed is, but French Bulldogs do have some unique characteristics to keep in mind:

  • Adult Size. Since Frenchies are considered a small breed under normal circumstances, some prefer to go for the small breed dog food formulas. If your adult dog (at healthy weight) is between 19-22 pounds (or a puppy that is expected to be in this weight range), then you might consider going with a small breed food.
  • Allergies. The French bulldog is prone to more skin conditions than other breeds, so you will have to be extra careful when you change foods and make sure you read the ingredients label carefully.

Do NOT get foods with corn or soy in them, as they are the number one skin irritants in dog food!

It’s best to get grain-free foods, but if you have a Frenchie with a sensitive stomach or that requires a special diet, then grains might be present. If this is the case, just be sure to avoid corn and soy.

Sometimes chicken can be the root to an allergy problem, too, so remember this as you shop.

Top 6 Dog Foods for French Bulldogs Table

PictureNameForPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameForPriceRating (1-5)
1. Fromm Four Star Grain FreeActive to Highly Active Adults$$4.7
2. Nature's Recipe Dry Dog FoodAdults w/ Sensitive Stomachs$$$4.7
3. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain FreePuppies$$$4.6
4. Orijen Adult Dog FoodActive Adults$$$$4.6
5. Wellness Complete Small BreedSeniors$4.5
6. Merrick Grain FreeHighly Active Adults$$4.5

Other Factors to Determine the Right Food

When it comes to choosing the right dry dog food recipe for your Frenchie, there are plenty of recipe choices and protein combinations: fish, poultry, red meat and then a mix of everything.

The best way to choose is based on your dog’s activity level, age and current weight:

  • Inactive. Look for weight management or low-calorie recipe for dogs that are inactive or overweight. You don’t want to overdo it on the fat content.

These recipes are specially formulated for the couch potato dogs or those who need to slim down.

  • Moderate Activity. For moderately active French bulldogs that don’t need to go on a diet or eat ridiculous amounts of protein to keep up with a crazy activity level, then you have more choices.

Here, you’ll need to be careful with portions and prevent overeating. Protein levels should be around 25% and it’s best to stick with formulas that have sweet potato or pumpkin rather than grains and rice, especially if your Frenchie has a sensitive stomach.

  • Highly Active. Up the protein intake for more active dogs.

Some recipes have a mixture of meats and fish, but if you have a dog with allergies, you might need to use a limited ingredient food until you find out what they’re allergic to. In this case, you can always supplement with extra protein from the same source as the recipe (if it’s a lamb recipe, you could give them extra bits of cooked lamb to make sure they’re getting enough protein for their activity level).

Remember that fish-based formulas can cause some rather stinky gas, so if you have this issue, you might be better off switching to a different protein source!

3 Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs Reviews

1. Fromm Four Star

Fromm is a high-quality dog food and one that many dog owners (especially small breeds) have luck with.

Their game bird recipe is great for moderately/highly active French bulldog adults that can handle the mixture of protein sources (duck, quail, turkey, pheasant, chicken).

2. Nature’s Recipe Dry

This is probably the best dog food for French bulldogs with sensitive stomachs.

It is a single protein recipe (using salmon as the only protein source) and carbs that are easier for dogs to digest (sweet potatoes and pumpkin).

3. Blue Buffalo Freedom

Some Blue Buffalo recipes are richer than others are, and this grain-free one won’t drown your cute little Frenchie in protein like the Blue Buffalo Wilderness formula will.

Try this formula with your new French bulldog puppy. If it doesn’t agree with them, check out Wellness brand food. We featured the small breed senior formula above but they have a small breed puppy formula, too.

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