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Can Dogs Eat Bread? Is Bread Bad for Dogs?

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Can Dogs Eat Dogs: There are many myths regarding the feeding of dogs and bread is one of them. It is a food that is part of our food from years. We need the energy that carbohydrates give us as bread to allow our body to work perfectly both inside and out.

But it is also true that each time, these products are abundant in our diet. We take it in larger quantities than we really need. So that there are more obesity and people who are overweight now than they were years ago.

Can Dog Eat Bread
Can Dog Eat Bread

In this article, we are going to tell you if dogs can eat bread or not. Whether bread is good or bad for dogs? All these doubts will be solved by the below article. Keep Reading.

Can Dogs Eat Bread?

Yes, You can give him in small quantities but not in huge amount. There are some foods that are not beneficial for feeding dogs because they are toxic and can cause adverse reactions such as vomiting, discomfort, fatigue, weakness, and so on. But can dogs eat bread? There is a controversy regarding this issue but in general, we must indicate that it does not have to be bad as long as you do not overdo the amount you give.

Many people give their dogs hard breads so they can bite and thus, clean their teeth and strengthen their teeth. This is a good practice but nevertheless, you should not go over the amount of bread you give the animal because, in the long run, it could be fatal for him. Think that the excess of bread can stick in the walls of the stomach, produce an empacho and finish fermenting in the interior. Something that in the long run can cause him strong annoyances and in the most serious cases if it repeats with a frequency of feeding, until death.

Is Bread Good For Dogs

In order for your dog to be in perfect health conditions, it is advisable to eat mainly your dog usual food. It is the most appropriate way to care for the animal and avoid poisonings like bad digestion or any adverse effect.

You can detect a food intolerance if you notice that the dog begins to experience symptoms such as the following:

If you detect these symptoms in your dog, it is best that you take it to a veterinarian. So that the vet can do a stomach wash. Surely it will give you a medication to follow as well as the guidelines of a soft diet that is indicated to recover of the dog.

So, answering your question about whether dogs can eat bread or not, the answer is YES but in moderation. You can give him a piece of hard bread two or three times a week to clean and strengthen his teeth but never exceed with the amounts you give him.

Is Bread Good for Dogs?

If you are worried about whether you can give your dog bread as a reward or “candy” because you know he likes it, the answer is: “it depends”.

Dogs can eat bread whenever it is moderate and never constitutes the basis of their diet. Dogs are carnivores and their bodies are not as prepared as those of people to digest carbohydrates. Therefore, bread is not a particularly good food for them although it can be offered as a sporadic supplement.

Also, you have to be very careful if your dog suffers from a food allergy or gluten intolerance. The best is a diet without cereals.

Why Dogs Can Eat Bread But Only Once in a While: The Scientific Explanation

As you probably know, all dogs regardless of their breed come from the wolf. Recent scientific studies indicate that the domestication of the dog took place more than 12,000 years ago. In parallel, in Europe and in Asia that is the longest co-evolution history between species (human and canine) that is known so far.

Currently, dogs and wolves have surprisingly similar DNA. In fact, they are identical in 99.8% of the genes and it is possible to cross a dog with a wolf to have offspring. Still, it has been shown that the process of domestication has caused changes in the digestive system of the dog and this has a lot to do with the answer to whether dogs can eat bread.

is bread bad for dogs

In 2013, the prestigious scientific journal Nature published a study by geneticist Erik Axelsson from the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Which compared the genome of 60 dogs of 14 different breeds with that of 12 wolves. The study found that dogs have genetically more capacity than wolves to break down carbohydrates in their digestive system, but much less than people.

In summary, the answer to whether dogs can eat bread is as follows:

That is to say that dogs do not have an adapted organism to decompose carbohydrates efficiently since they are carnivores and are genetically designed to feed on animal protein. Therefore, dogs can eat bread but not frequently or in large quantities because it is not an ideal food for them.

  • Dogs can eat bread but only sporadically in small doses and provided they are not intolerant to gluten.
  • Bread is not an ideal food for dogs because it is mainly composed of carbohydrates and not animal protein.

Bread is Bad for Overweight Dogs

Another important issue when defining whether dogs can eat bread is to look at the dog’s state of shape. If your dog has a problem of overweight or obesity, supplement your diet with bread is NOT recommended. Bread is a food made from carbohydrates.

can puppies eat bread

Which provide a lot of energy to the dog and also fatten it more than other ingredients. If your dog has problems with his weight, he scrupulously follows the instructions of your veterinarian and chooses a diet adapted to help your dog to lose weight.

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How to Give Bread to a Dog in a Healthy Way

Now that you know that bread is not one of the most harmful foods for dogs. You should know what is the best way for your dog to eat it without damaging their stomach or internal organs. The first thing you should keep in mind is that as we have already pointed out, you should consider bread as a reward in the animal’s diet. So you can give it pieces sporadically but NEVER daily.

The bread dough that you give to the dog should be well cooked, never raw or fried. Think that if you give raw dough, the bread will ferment in the stomach of the animal very quickly and could cause serious discomfort. It is also not recommended that it be fried in oil because it brings a lot of saturated fats and calories to the animal that does not need it and that can produce side effects such as overweight, breathing difficulties, heart failure, and so on.

is bread bad for dogs

Of all the breads that exist, the most recommended is Artisan bread. Since it does not contain chemicals or additives that alter the nutritional value of the food. Giving him a homemade bread you will get that the dog can take advantage of the benefits of his take. For example, greater salivation and therefore, dental cleaning, stronger gums, reinforced teeth, and etcetera.

Are Breads Prohibited Food for Dogs

Bread is a food that can be part of a dog’s diet. As long as the considerations just mentioned are taken into account. However, there are other foods that we should not give to these animals. Because they are toxic and could be harmful to their health or they are simply not a healthy option for them. Which does not mean that they are intoxicated but it does mean they will not sit well with them. Next, we will discover some of these ingredients so that you avoid giving them to the animal, especially in large quantities or if it does not tolerate them well, no matter how small.


Hence, You get all the information on Bread for Dogs. We have covered all the important points on bread for dogs. We hope you like this article and we are pleasing for a share for this awesome information. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below. We are here to help you out. Like us and keep visiting Dogs Food for more info.

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