Can Cats Eat Raspberries? This Is The Answer

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We are sure that you want to feed your pet cat with seasonal fruits such as raspberries. It is an alternative to a lot of commercial foods that are available in the market.

But do you think your pets are not so much keen about these seasonal fruits? You may think it’s not fair that they are not taking the food, which is healthy.

However, cats have a logical reason why they are not interested in veggies, berries, nuts, and fruits. Although they do not entirely neglect them from the diet, cats have their preferences.

Almost all the cats choose to have raspberries but only in a restricted amount. But here are some of the things you should be aware of before you decide to feed the cats with raspberries or any fruits for that matter.

You forget that cats are carnivores

Cat is popularly termed as an Obligate Carnivore by numerous vets, behavioral scientists, and lab specialists. This word ‘Obligate Carnivores’ means that their body has a genetic structure that is designed for carnivores only.

Carnivores animals such as cats tend to eat meat that makes them healthy.

Usually, cats acquire their daily nutrients, especially protein from the meat only. Numerous facts support the fact that this is one of the main reasons why cats are not fond of vegetables and fruits.

However, scientifically, the cats are proven to have no enzymes that can digest the plant-based food. Hence, if your cat is not eating fruits and veggies, it’s not their mistake.

Although cats must confirm a certain amount of plant-based nutrients, this can either be covered by the occasional feeding of fruits and berries or through some supplements suggested by the vets.​

It is the reason why cats enjoy their treat on berries. They consume raspberries and also some other fruits like banana, strawberries, and even blackberries. Cats tend to avoid fruits like grapes, oranges, and also dry fruits like raisins.

Raspberries are safe

As you might know that there are many foods that humans consume are toxic to pets. You must be well-informed about what you feed the cats with because this can lead to any dangerous problems, especially if you give something that must not be consumed by the cats.

However, the good news is that the raspberries are safe for cats, and you don’t have to worry if you want to feed your feline with raspberries. It is not toxic, and you can share them with the pet. But you must know that this will not suffice their diet.

Only as an additional food to the diet, you must give them raspberries. Many people make a mistake of giving a bowl of berries and skip their conventional meals, which will affect them drastically.

Raspberries contain multi-nutrient and are a rich source for Vitamin-A, which is always preferred by the vets for the health benefits of cats. It will have a lot of positive impact on their health.

For example, it can help in brainpower, fighting obesity, improving the functions of the claws, and more. All this is possible only when fed in the right amount. Otherwise, it will adversely affect them.

The good news is that it is not listed in the toxic food for cats by veterinary specialists. Therefore, you can provide them raspberries occasionally in a controlled manner with no doubts.

How many raspberries can be fed?

Raspberries are just like your natural fruits and are naturally obtained from the farms. Cats adore them, but it cannot be part of their regular diet.  On the first day, feed the raspberries in a small amount and check if there are any reactions or not. Only based on the response, you must feed them during the season.

When you provide the wet food to cats at the dinner, you can always keep a handful of raspberries as a treat. The cats love the frozen raspberries. Therefore, treat them once in a while; you can manage them like after the interactive fun activity or sometimes even after training.

Also, when the cats play on hot summer days at your lawn, this could be a fantastic food they might be excited about. It is tasty at the same time healthy as well.

What must you be afraid of raspberries?

Since you see the cats liking raspberries, do not provide them often or also in large quantities like in stainless steel cat bowls. They may have negative results on their overall. There is a probability that the cats will suffer from the kidneys and liver functions mainly.

As said earlier, they almost do not have the enzymes to break down the plant-based nutrients. Hence, it will cause them indigestion problems and make their stomach upset for a long time.

Problems like dehydration, diarrhea, and irritation in the kidneys will be the side effects of consuming more berries. Most doctors thus prefer not to give them even on the consecutive days as the acids in the berries turn toxic sometimes.

Especially when cats eat raspberries after a long duration, it is always recommended that you give them for the test by keeping inside the food. Feed them only if the reactions are normal.

How about Cats eating Raspberry yogurt?

Cats are fond of eating yogurt. Primarily because they have Lacto substance that cats may love. Also, in terms of nutrients, the lactose is low in yogurt, and so it will contain only less fat. The sweetness and sugar in the yogurts are also less.

Therefore, you can feed the cats with the spoonful of yogurt sometimes. However, since they are avoidant of artificial sweetness, they may not like raspberry yogurts. Try them as a side-course along with their daily food or even provide it as a quick snack that they can munch on.

If they don’t like it, then never force-feed them? We are pretty sure that almost all the cats have very much liking toward normal yogurts. So, you can give that direction, and thus, it will not affect their feeling. Remember, this not only limited to raspberry yogurts but for any other flavors for that instance.

Does cat eat other berries?

Usually, when cats are young probably as kittens, you can practice them by offering some of the berries and fruits. Hence even when they are grown up, it will not make much difference because the old cats become highly cautious about what they eat.

It is also suggested that before introducing any food or fruits or berries to the cats, you must take an expert opinion as it will differ from cat to cat. Not all cats can consume all types of berries like they eat raspberries. There might be many myths about cats.

Many people believe that cat claw caps cover means cats are abnormal, or it is extensively thought that cats feed only milk. However, it is not true. Try feeding them with any type of berries in a moderate amount only. Just because it is all good for humans, it does not mean that they are good for cats too.

What do you need to understand?

The benefits of any berries apply to cats as well. But they do not have an immediate response or give them nutrients support directly. For instance, blueberries are less in calories and fat content. They can be used to clean the worms inside the stomach.

Here even though they do not supply any nutrients to the cat body, they are still useful in killing these worms. On these grounds, berries can be fed to the pet cats.

What other fruits can cats eat?

For the first time, if you are feeding the cat with any fruit, you must oversee it. Some cats also suffer from mild diabetes from birth or acquired. It means the fruits that contain a lot of sugar and glucose might just shoot their sugar level up.

Thus, we recommend you stay as cautious as possible when you start giving them fruits. But as long as they are comfortable eating the fruits and berries, you can give them once a while. Most cats eat apples, bananas, pear, pineapple, cantaloupes, and mangoes. It is also seen that the preferences for fruits change from breed to breed.

Hence be affirmative about what your cats like as well.


There are so many myths about cats, their behavior and eating habits. For instance, most of the owner from their experience says that the cat does not hurt them.

Only too much of these could be trouble. Well! All of these are not true. Similarly, if someone recommends berries to the cats thinking it will offer them good nutritional value, you need to get it confirmed.

There is nothing wrong with the facts getting verified before you introduce them to their life. Because your cat pets are going to remember these instances, and it will affect them mentally.

Eventually, you are going to know if they liked it, or it does not agree with their stomach. So probably you get to decide what to offer you cats.

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